First Steps…

So after months of toying with the idea of starting a blog I have finally taken the plunge.

I was never really in to the blogging world until my soon to be sister-in-law started blogging…and then I was hooked!  I would stare at my email inbox each evening awaiting her daily post…I couldn’t wait to read what she had to share.  Of course I might be biased because she is my family…but I happen to love her blog :)

So I found myself signing up for WordPress because I wanted to comment on a couple of her posts.  During the sign up process they pressure you into coming up with a username.  Well, in the past, I had cutsie usernames that included words such as princess and baller.  But now that I am much more “grown up” I couldn’t possibly rely on my “go to” usernames of the past.  So I wrestled with the username question and finally settled on bighlilh in a hurry (to represent the first letter of my daughter and my names).  But when I got serious about this whole blog thing I vowed to come up with something more clever, more catchy.  Little did I know how tough that would be.  So after hours of deliberation and enlisting help from my family, In Her Chucks was born!

Tennis shoes have always been a love for me…well maybe more of an obsession than a love at some points in my life.  I used to have literally hundreds of the same shoes in every color imaginable.  But as I have tried to simplify my life, I have settled down with Mr. Chuck Taylor and am loyal to him and his All Stars.  And now instead of having duffel bags full of shoes in my garage, I am happy with a shoe rack of Chuck Taylors in every color :)

I look forward to learning how to blog and sharing my life experiences with you (whoever “you” may be).  I am eager to share my lessons as a mommy, wife and homemaker and learn from each other how we can successfully navigate this journey of life.  And because I have learned that sometimes the terrain of this journey can be a little rocky and rough…I choose to always be ready with my comfy, cozy and cute chucks!

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4 thoughts on “First Steps…

  1. kokostanley says:

    I LOVE THIS BLOG (and not just because you are my family), keep it up!!!!

  2. inherchucks says:

    Thanks Koko…just trying to follow in your footsteps :)

  3. Annemar says:

    I just read the whole thing…..from end to beginning. You’re a natural pro!!

    • inherchucks says:

      You are so sweet Annemarie! Your compliments mean a lot since you are the ultimate blogging queen! This journey has been so fun and now I can see why people love it so much. What a great way to memorialize Harpers growth and milestones. Looking forward to a playmate soon :)

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