Pulling Over

Sometimes, in the journey of life, we get the opportunity to pull over and soak it all in.

Today started out early and a little groggy.  I was up late last night writing my blog, taking care of my personal business, doing my chores, preparing my lesson plan and watching Kim’s Fairytale Wedding (you know you did too…).  So when my alarm went off at 5am for boot camp I wasn’t pleased.  By the time I had pressed the snooze button 4 times, I decided I better get up and get ready.

When I started boot camp over the summer it would already be light out before I left the house.  As we move in to the fall and winter months it stays dark well into the class.  Typical mornings are cold and foggy.  But this morning was different.  The sky was crystal clear.  You could see the stars shine and admire the brightness of the moon.

Halfway through my class, this happened…I couldn’t help but stop what I was doing and snap a shot of this amazing sight with my iPhone.  It was truly remarkable.

Before having my daughter I was never a morning person.  I enjoyed sleeping in well into the afternoon when given the chance.  Since having my daughter I am still not a morning person, but I have learned that you have to take advantage of any moment you get to take some time for yourself.  And for me, that includes the 5 and 6am hour.  Sights like this make me want to experience this time of the day more often.

Not a stranger to speeding tickets, I tend to rush through life in and out of the car.  Taking a moment to pull over and regroup is a good lesson..better without the ticket, but I can appreciate the enforcement of speed limits for the sake of this metaphor.  My goal is to seek balance and use the cruise control button more often.  Appreciate the small things, notice the nuances and be grateful.


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