Carry On

If you happen to see me out and about, chances are you will see my baby strapped to my chest.  Thanks to my Ergo, carrying my little one wherever I go is easy and safe.

Baby wearing is one of the practices of attachment parenting.  And although this idea has become very popular in recent years, the concept has been around forever.

In our community, there are lots of families who choose to wear their babies.  In fact, even the dads are getting into the action.  My husband loved to carry our daughter in the Moby Wrap.  Harper was at home in the Moby.  After 9 months in my womb, the Moby Wrap offered the closest resemblance to being in my tummy.  It was a little complicated to learn how to use at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’d be surprised how fast you can get that thing on.

According to the instructions, you can carry your baby in the Moby Wrap until they reach 35 lbs.  However, I decided to changeover to the Ergo when she got to about 15 lbs because it offers better back support.

As I was out shopping today, I got so many compliments on my Ergo that I wanted to share it with you.


I have to say, I got some wonderful gifts for my baby shower, but I have gotten the most use out of my Moby Wrap and my Ergo.  We were also given a stroller, but in 8 months I think we have used it a total of one month combined.  There are so many amazing benefits to baby wearing that we can’t help but carry Harper wherever we go.

I am eager to hear your feedback on baby wearing and am happy to answer any questions you may have.  And for those of you who are fellow baby wearers, I say, “Carry On!”

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3 thoughts on “Carry On

  1. […] Moby Wrap- This was by far the most useful baby item we got.   I wore this thing everyday for 4 months.  It was comfortable, versatile and easy to clean.  Harper loved it and would hang out in it for hours.  The Moby allowed me to carry her hands free, which was helpful in doing everything from housework, to shopping or going out to eat.  There are a ton of carriers to choose from.  I just happened to love the Moby.  The best advice I can give you is to check out all there is to offer.  But having a carrier that works for you and your baby will be a major help.  For more on baby wearingcheck this out. […]

  2. I use the Moby Wrap with Hope and I absolutely LOVE it. Having a daycare I need my hands to be free! Having a newborn, she requires to be held a lot. With the Moby Wrap, it allows us to bond, allows her to feel comfort always being able to smell mommy and feel/hear her heartbeat and allows me to be able to know she is safe at all times and also allows me to still do what i need to do with the other kids, whether it be story time, doing arts and crafts, changing diapers, preparing meals, and taking walks with the kids or playing outside with them.

    When I had Christina I had not yet had the daycare so i was able to give her all of my time and attention all day long and hold her as much as she wanted to be held. With Hope, my main concern was that, with having the daycare, i wouldn’t be able to give her that same type of nurture, the moby wrap allows me to hold her as much, if not more than i did Christina, giving me confidence in Hope’s assuradness that her Mommy loves her to LIFE! :)

    • inherchucks says:

      Wow! Can we say supermom…raising an infant and running a daycare? You are a true pro :) Isn’t it great when you find something that works for you? This is a wonderful story to share with others. Thank you for weighing in on your experience with the Moby…and for teaching me my new favorite phrase…love to LIFE!

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