Do You Fancy a Cuppa?

Image by Becky Luigart-Stayner via

My Irish blood must run thick because I love tea!  However, I take my tea the american way…Iced!

I think my obsession with tea began as a little girl.  My mom and I loved to go to a local restaurant that served Homemade Papaya Iced Teas.  They were the best!  In fact, we were known to stop by just to pick up a drink holder full of them.

The fun thing about tea is that you can make it so many ways.  And there are so many varieties.  And you can doctor it up in whatever fashion you like.  I always go for the fruity iced teas…passionfruit, raspberry, peach…I love them all.

When I got pregnant, all I wanted was a nice cold glass of iced tea.  But of course its suggested that pregnant women limit their caffeine intake.  So I had to get creative.  And lucky for me I found a new sanctuary…Teavana.  They have loads of different kinds of teas in various flavor profiles.  I headed straight to the herbal teas.  It has hard to narrow down my choices from the large selection but I ended up with Apple Lemon Pomegranate Rooibos , Sweet Fruit Garden Herbal and Strawberry Lemonade Herbal Tea.  Teavana sells their teas loose leaf, so you buy them by the ounce. The store clerk showed me this little tin that they suggest you store the tea in so I just asked them to fill it to the top, not realizing how many ounces it was.  One hundred dollars later I had to give my husband a call to confess my shopping faux pas.  But to be honest, that was about a year ago and we have yet to run out!  Plus the flavor is still as fresh as the day we bought it.

Since my Teavana discovery I have been on the look out for more loose leaf tea shops.  And it seems like they are popping up everywhere!  During a weekend visit for a family graduation I came upon The Loose Teas.  They had this fabulous Mango Splash Herbal Tea that was heavenly.  I stocked up before we left for home and have ordered some more online since.  I love to make it in a big batch and keep it in the fridge.  It is so refreshing and is pretty much a tropical vacation in your mouth!

This weekend I happened upon another loose leaf tea shop, Bird Pick Tea and Herb.  My husband was getting his haircut and they brought in a pitcher for people to try.  I was excited about the free samples but even more excited to peruse their shelves for more tea!  I didn’t end up buying any of their bulk tea because I have more tea in my cupboard at the moment than I can drink in a lifetime!  But I did order an iced Black Forest Fruit tea from their tea bar for myself and an iced Supreme Chrysanthemum tea for my husband.  Both were delish!

My search for loose leaf teas is never ending.  In my house, anytime is teatime as I always fancy a cuppa!


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