8 Months

I can’t believe my baby girl is 8 months today!  Boy, how time flies.  Looking back, there have been some wonderful milestones.  She has learned so much in her short time here.  I am savoring every second with her because before I know it, another 8 months will have whizzed by.

Whenever Harper comes up on a monthly birthday, I like to take a minute and look back at some of the memorable moments.   Here is a small snap shot of Harper’s life in the last 8 months.

Harper’s Firsts:

First Roll Over: Harper started rolling from her belly to her back when she was 2 months old.  Her first time was actually at the doctor’s office.  The doctor said it was an accident but she continued to do it for months until she had mastered it and moved on to a new skill.

First Sat Up Unassisted:  Harper started sitting up on her own when she was 5 months.  Harper always wants to be part of the action, so we would prop her using pillows on our bed when we were getting ready or cleaning up.  One day, we propped her up against the pillows and she sat straight up on her own.

First Crawled:  Harper has been on the verge of crawling for about a month.  But her first long distance crawl occurred this past weekend when she crawled from her bedroom to her bathroom.  Talk about hitting the ground running…or crawling at a fast pace :)

Harper’s Favs:

Favorite Toy:  Harper loves her picnic basket.  She  brings it wherever she goes and enjoys sharing it with her friends.

Favorite Song:  We started singing Twinkle Twinkle to Harper when she was still in my womb.  We would sing this song to her when she was little to help her go to sleep.  Now, whenever we sing it she lights up with a big smile because she recognizes it and associates it with positive things.

Favorite Book:  Harper loves when her Daddy reads her Goodnight Moon.  She recently started to try and turn the pages and likes to point at the pictures.

Harper’s Hobbies: (yes, my 8 month old has hobbies!)

Harper is…musical.  She loves music.  Harper sings to herself all the time, especially when she is putting herself to sleep.  I enjoy playing my guitar for her as she stares in amazement.  Harper and her daddy are always coming up with new beats on the drums together.  Harper has a ball playing her instruments, more specifically her whistle.

Harper is…athletic.  We first discovered Harper was a swimmer when she was attempting to do the breaststroke in her plastic baby bath.  So we decided to sign her up for a proper swim class.  Harper has been swimming in the big pool since she was a month old.  She is at home in the water and can do some pretty cool tricks like holding her breath under water and floating on her back.

Harper is…social.  Harper has so many wonderful friends and takes pleasure in visiting with them regularly.  Harper is a talker, and has been chatting up a storm ever since she discovered her voice.  Harper is also well versed in Skype and enjoys keeping in touch with her family out-of-town.

But most importantly…Harper is happy and healthy and pretty much the best thing to have ever happened to our family.  We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

Happy 8 Month Birthday Baby!  Mommy and Daddy Love you :)

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5 thoughts on “8 Months

  1. What beautiful tribute to Harper…I love your writing, Heather…I am so happy to see that you are carrying on one of the great traditions of the our family…story telling…I love that you are authentic…Brava Bella!



  2. fmercer82 says:

    Well said mommy! Thank you for bringing our gift from God into our lives. Daddy loves you Harper!

  3. Mimi Spalding says:

    This truly touched my heart, Heather! I love being able to read your writing from all the way across the U.S. and stay current with you and your family! <3

    • inherchucks says:

      Thanks Mimi…its a great way to stay in touch with everyone. Harper has so many aunties in so many places, we have to make sure you guys are all up to date on her development and milestones.

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