Mommy Groups


Feeling part of a community is a basic human need.  And never before did I feel so strongly about this until I became a mom.  I believe that it takes a village to raise a child.  However it can be difficult to achieve this in our modern-day society.  Mommy groups can be an answer to both of these concepts.  They satisfy the craving for community as well as an provide a contemporary form of a “village”.

I personally have benefitted immensely from my mommy group.  It has been an incredible blessing to have people of like minds who can offer you comfort and encouragement when you need it most.  My particular group is dedicated to attachment parenting.  We meet on a weekly basis at each other’s homes or local parks and participate in organized activities, invite speakers to come and share relevant information or just play!  We always save time to talk about pressing issues or share highs and lows of our week.  It is so nice to get feedback on matters you may be dealing with or learn from others about how they may have handled a particular situation.

The most exciting part of our mommy group has been watching the little ones grow.  Harper and I have been part of the group since she was a little more than a month old.  So each week we look forward to celebrating the little one’s milestones together.  Because they grow and change so quickly we try to memorialize each meeting with a picture.   We line them up from oldest to youngest.  Here are a few from the beginning (before they started crawling…now its almost impossible to get this type of photo!).

The best part about our mommy group has been the friendships we have forged, both for the mommies and the little ones.  No matter where we end up in life, we will always share this special bond together.  What a trip it will be to line up our babies on their first day of school, high school prom and wedding day!

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