Harper’s Hairdo

My daughter is blessed with some luscious locks.

I never thought I would spend so much time fixing an 8 month old’s hair! It is a lot of work to keep up her “do”. She is so patient and cooperative about the whole process…and it is a process.

Harper gets her hair washed every other day. We use California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Bodywash. Once we rinse the shampoo we apply California Baby Super Sensitive Hair Conditioner . Before we rinse out the conditioner I comb her hair to make sure the conditioner is evenly dispersed. We leave the conditioner on while we wash her body and then rinse the body wash and conditioner off at the same time. Once Harper is out of the water and dried off I give her one more comb through before she goes to bed.

But if you have ever gone to bed with wet hair you know what happens when you wake up in the morning…

And as adorable as her bed head looks…there is no way I could take her out in public looking like this…

The challenge is that she has curly hair, which you are not supposed to comb when dry because it can frizz and pouf…so luckily for us our neighbors happened to have a little girl with similar hair texture. They turned us on to Original Sprout Miracle Detangler. It works like a charm! I just run some water through her hair, spray a few shots of the detangler and scrunch with my fingers. Then we get something that looks like this…

This is right after I did her hair so it can have a tendency to err on the side of Jheri curl…but once her hair dries the curls loosen up and look silkier. Her hair is getting so long now I usually clip the front up with a bow so her hair doesn’t get in her face.

God is having fun with me. I have never been the girly girl type. I would rather throw my hair in a pony tail and call it a day. But having Harper as my daughter, I am learning to get in touch with my feminine side a bit more. And I have to admit, I am enjoying it!


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