Rob’s Really Good

Have you ever tried a product that you fell in love with?  Well, a few weeks ago I was blown away by a product that I picked up by accident.

On our last weekend getaway, we made an unexpected stop at Whole Foods to pick up some diapers.  We had just ordered some take out to eat on the road but forgot to get drinks.  I passed by the drink aisle on the way to the check out stand and took a quick peek at my options.  I was really in the mood for some tea was unable to find anything that was caffeine free.  So I settled for some mango juice.  I normally don’t drink juice with meals because it is usually too thick, too sweet, and too heavy.  But I love mango so I thought I would give it a try.  Honestly, after one sip I was in heaven.  It was absolutely the best thing I have ever tasted.  I looked at the bottle and it was called Rob’s Really Good…and that is exactly what it was…REALLY GOOD!

I was so blown away by this light, refreshing and delicious new find that I felt compelled to email the powers that be.  I didn’t know if I would get in touch with a real person or not but I had to reach out and give a virtual high-five to the people who reinvigorated my taste buds.

To my surprise, I received an email back from the founder himself a few hours later.  He was sincerely grateful for my compliments and offered to send me some free samples.  Not only was I a new fan of his products, but now I was a fan of him.  His actions showed me how genuine he was about his mission to spread positivity as a happy, productive approach to life.  And that alone, made the juice I drank even sweeter.

Today, I received a big box of goodies from Rob’s Really Good.  There were T-shirts, hats, frisbees and of course yummy drinks and snacks (Rob also makes Pirates Booty, which I have been a fan of for years).  I couldn’t wait to start tasting these creative concoctions.  Each one was better than the last.  They all had such different exciting flavors.  But one thing was consistent…they were all light, refreshing and delicious, which was the reason I fell in love with the product in the first place.

My motto has always been, if you believe strongly in something, go ahead and share it with the world.  Well, I believe strongly in Rob’s Really Good products.  Not just because they taste really good, but because Rob is really good, and the message he is sharing with others through his merchandise is really good.  And really good people, who make really good products are hard to come by nowadays.  So do me a favor and give Rob’s Really Good products a try.  I promise you, the name speaks for itself.

PS: Big thanks to Rob’s Really Good for your generosity and authenticity.  I respect you for walking your talk.  You are a true inspiration.

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