A Tooth!

Every morning starts off with a smile from my precious little girl.  But this morning the smile looked a little different…is that a tooth!?!  I called out to Freddie for a second opinion…Yep its a tooth!  Yay!  Harper got her first tooth!

It seems like Harper has been teething for months now.  The poor girl has been stuffing everything she can find in her mouth.  She was never really too drooly until this week though.  So this time I was sure her teeth were coming in for real.

A first tooth is a major milestone.  And I have to admit it is bittersweet.  My little girl is growing up, and its happening way too fast!  From this day forward I will no longer be greeted by a gummy smile.  The pearly whites are making their move.

Harper's Gummy Smile

Teething is a big deal.  I can’t imagine the constant discomfort and pain.  It breaks my heart to see Harper so upset when her gums are bothering her.  But I am grateful to have some excellent tools that seem to help relieve her pain.  The biggest life saver has been her Camilia drops.  I give them to her whenever she seems to start getting uncomfortable and they work immediately.  What’s great about the Camilia drops is that it is more than just a topical remedy.  It works throughout the body to help calm inflammation, irritability and pain.  We have been using these since Harper was about 4 months old, when her pre teething began.

When the majority of Harper’s discomfort seems to be in her gums, most especially this past week when her teeth were actually cutting through the skin, I kicked it up a notch and applied some Hyland’s Teething Gel which is an all natural topical solution to sooth the pain.  In addition, I have been rotating her freezable teethers in and out of the freezer so she always has something cold to chew on, which seems to help a lot.  One of her favorite teethers has been her Sophie.  It is soft and flexible and has lots of parts like ears, horns and legs for her to nibble on.

So here’s to Harper’s first tooth!  One down, and nineteen more to go :)

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2 thoughts on “A Tooth!

  1. Mimi Spalding says:

    I love these pictures, Heather! What a blessing! :-)

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