How Does Your Garden Grow?

I have always wanted to grow a garden.  There is nothing fresher than harvesting your own fruits and vegetables for a lovely home cooked meal.  However, I have never had the space to do so.  And to be honest I don’t have a green thumb.  In fact, I have a hard time keeping the flowers my husband brings me alive!

When we moved to our new town I was told about the community gardens. It is a collection of individual garden plots that can be rented annually to grow organic produce, flowers and herbs.  Now that I am a stay at home mom, I thought this would be a great activity for Harper and I to do during the day, especially since we can walk to the garden from our house.

I had no idea how much work this would entail.  I thought I would just have to water it every so often and possibly pick some weeds.  Well, after our first day in the garden, I have a whole new appreciation for my new venture.

My husband knows a lot about gardening.  Growing up, his father maintained a nice size garden in his backyard.  He was always harvesting delicious fruits and vegetables from season to season.  So even though this garden was supposed to be my project, I had to recruit Freddie for some much needed help.

When we inherited the garden from the previous owners, it was full of kale, tomatoes, melons, squash, herbs and peppers.  But it had not been tended to in a while, so it was a bit of a mess.  It was also very disorganized and we didn’t know what was what.  So we decided to tear it all up and start from scratch.  Boy, was that a tough job!  I did as much as I could, but I have to admit, Freddie did most of it.

Once we excavated the plot, we went to the nursery to pick out our winter crops.  Since we were planting late in the season, they suggested we buy starters instead of seeds.  This way, we would have a better chance at possibly harvesting crops at the end of the season.  We decided to plant broccoli, romaine and butter lettuce, strawberries, onions, spinach, parsley, Brussel sprouts, carrots and celery.  Freddie has been going down to the garden every day to water it.  I am more than willing to help but I still require supervision.  So I go down to the garden on the weekends when Freddie can come with me.

This is going to be one huge adventure.  I can’t wait to see how it turns out.  I am hoping for the best.  And if all goes well, I will have delicious fruits and vegetables to share with everyone in a few months :)

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2 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. Heather…I LOVE this!

    Of course, I LOVE U 3 as well!


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