9 Months In, 9 Months Out

Where does the time go?  I promise you it feels like yesterday that we just welcomed our beautiful daughter Harper into the world.  And yet, each day is so full of delightful memories, my cup runneth over.

I can honestly say, I think I finally have this whole mommy/wife/superwoman thing down now.  It was hard to find the balance at first.  There were days when I didn’t get my showers, realized at 6pm that I was still wearing my jammies and dinner went uncooked.  But I’m starting to feel like I have found my groove.  In no way did things get easier, rather, I have become more accustomed to my new role as juggler.  It’s tough to keep all the balls in the air, especially when you throw blogging into the mix, but my goal is to keep things rolling as smoothly as possible, even if the laundry piles up a few more days.

Harper has met some amazing milestones this last month.  It seems like the older she gets, the faster she grows.  Let’s look at some of her “firsts”…

Harper’s Firsts:

First Tooth:  Harper’s first tooth is slowly making its way out of her gums.  For the meantime, it looks like it will be hanging out alone.  It’s pretty cute to catch a glimpse of her one tooth smile.  But don’t let that one tooth fool you, its VERY sharp!

First Halloween:  Harper looked adorable in her Pebbles costume.  I loved the idea of having a family costume theme (thanks Freddie!).  Unfortunately, we never got a chance to go to the pumpkin patch or trick-or-treating because Harper came down with a cold.  But that just means we have something to look forward to for next year.

First Stood Up By Herself:  Now that Harper can crawl, she is on the go.  She is pulling herself up on everything!  It’s only a matter of time before she starts walking.  I love this new chapter in her life.  It’s a joy to watch her explore new things while climbing all over the house.

Harper’s Favs:

Favorite Toy:  Now that Harper is on the move, she loves her Vtech- Move & Crawl Ball (Thanks Jackson Family!).  It lights up, plays music and moves throughout the house, especially on our hard wood floors.  Harper loves to chase after it :)

Favorite Song:  Harper recently started singing a Blue’s Clues song with her daddy.  It is a song that has a bunch of syllables but no words.  It is a call and response song.  So whenever Freddie sings, “Be, Bop, Bay” or “hey, hey” she will repeat after him.  It’s true, babies can sing before they talk!

Favorite Book:  Harper and I have been doing a lot of reading lately.  Our friends and old neighbors just gave Harper a ton of new books.  So we have been having a blast reading through them.  Harper is very into tactile books at the moment.  Her favorite is “If I Were A Bunny“.  She loves to touch and feel the different textures.

Harper Loves:

Toes:  I don’t know what it is, but Harper has recently discovered other people’s toes, and she thinks they are hilarious.  Whenever I walk around the house barefoot, she looks at my feet and starts to giggle.  I thought it might be just me, but the other day when her dad was walking around the house barefoot, she did the same thing.  She gets a kick out of people’s feet.  It’s silly!

Spoons and Straws:  Whenever we go out to eat, Harper is on the lookout for spoons or straws.  She thinks its fun to put them in her mouth and chew on them.  I’m sure it feels good on her gums.  We used to try to bring toys with us to the restaurant so that she would remain occupied but she could have cared less.  All she wanted was the spoon or the straw.  So now, we make it easy on ourselves and forget the toys in the car and ask for extra spoons and straws (because inevitably many of them end up on the floor).

Water:  Whether it’s a pool, the bath, or a fountain Harper loves water.  I am so glad we were able to find a swim class for Harper.  She has the best time splashing around in the pool and she continues to improve and learn new things.  Bath time is just as fun.  She gets so excited she wants to sit in the tub before the water is finished running.  Harper’s newest water appreciation is fountains.  Whenever we walk by one she gets a big smile.  So we always stop and look for a while and she becomes mesmerized by the way the water cascades from the spouts.

I have to say, this whole baby thing is amazing!  I have never loved anyone like this, ever.  It is truly a blessing to be Harper’s mom.  Each day brings something new, something wonderful, something to be grateful for.

Happy 9 Month Birthday Harper!  Mommy and Daddy love you!

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2 thoughts on “9 Months In, 9 Months Out

  1. Aunt Rosemary says:

    Harper, Happy nine months. Love, Aunt Rosemary & Uncle ang

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