Full of Thanks

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love it because it revolves around family, food and reflection.

For the past few years we have celebrated Thanksgiving in Texas with my sister and her family.  It has become a tradition that I look forward to.  This year, with all that we have going on, we were not able to make it.  So, we decided to have a small Thanksgiving with just the three of us, Harper, Freddie and me.

We started off the day with swimming.  Harper’s swim school offered pool time today for all the babies to show off their skills for their families.  We didn’t have any one in town to show off our skills for, but we can never pass up time in the pool.  Harper had a fun working on her skills and splashing around.  When we were leaving we found out that Harper’s swim teacher was going to spend Thanksgiving alone, so we asked her to join us.  She was a wonderful addition to our evening.

With all the time prepping, cooking, nursing, hosting, eating, nursing again, etc, I never got any pics of our delicious spread.  I did however snap a pic of Harper curiously inspecting her first Thanksgiving meal.

This year we had turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, creamed corn, cranberry sauce and rolls.  While we were waiting for the turkey to finish we enjoyed some slices of french baguette topped with melted brie cheese and pine nuts.  For dessert I made a homemade pecan pie with freshly whipped cream.  We were full!  There’s nothing like the traditional deliciousness of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving would not be complete if I didn’t take time to sit down and reflect on all that I am grateful for.  And to be honest it is hard to know where to start.  My greatest appreciation this year would have to be for my daughter.  I am extremely grateful to be her mom, it is by far the greatest gift I have ever known.  I am forever thankful for my loving and supportive husband, who always has my back and is my biggest fan.  To my family, from my parents, to my siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins, who are scattered all across the globe, I am blessed to have each and every one of them in my life.  I am thankful for the wonderful people I have the honor of calling my friends, all special in their own unique way.

As we come to the end of another Thanksgiving day, my tummy, my heart and my life are full.  Full of food, full of love and full of thanks!  I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving!  Until next year…Gobble Gobble!

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2 thoughts on “Full of Thanks

  1. You have a sister?? How did I not know this! Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving. It was just my mom, me and a friend this year too! Nothing wrong with a small crowd!

  2. inherchucks says:

    Thanks Ayanna. As long as you are with people you love, its a special day. Happy Thanksgiving to you. I am grateful for your sisterhood and friendship :)

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