A Christmas Wish

Tonight we decorated our Christmas tree.  We strung it with lights, dangled it with ornaments, and sprinkled it with love.  It was a special evening because it is Harper’s first Christmas tree.  She was having a ball going through all the shiny ornaments and helping us hang them.  With a soundtrack of holiday music in the background, we couldn’t help but get into the Christmas spirit.

For me, the Christmas spirit is more than just trees, lights and presents.  Christmas is about spreading love, giving hope and having faith.

Today while reading Peanut Butter Fingers, one of the blogs I subscribe to, I was inspired to share some Christmas cheer.  Julie, who writes the blog, shared a story about an eight year old boy named Max.  Max is in the midst of battling Leukemia and therefore will be spending his Christmas in the hospital this year.  In order to brighten up his holiday season, he has made a special Christmas wish.  Max would like to receive 1 MILLION Christmas cards in the mail.  And I, would like to see Max’s wish come true!

If you would like to send Max a card, please mail it to:

Max c/o Hailey Remish

417 Jones Street

Belle Vernon, PA


Feel free to pass the information on to your family and friends as well.  I can only imagine the smile on his face when he sees the piles and piles of cards with his name on it.  What a wonderful way to spread love, give hope and have faith this holiday season.

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