Strawberry Salad

Salad is one of my favorite foods.  There is so much you can do to it, there is never a dull moment.  But as much as I enjoy eating it, I don’t like making it.  I mean, I will make it and I do make salads all the time, but for some reason they taste better to me when someone else makes them.  Which is why I LOVE ordering salads at a restaurant.  They are always perfectly dressed, balanced with the right amount of add-ins and flawlessly tossed.  Mmmmmmm!

I used to be a total cheater and buy the bag-o-salad.  It is a great time saver, plus in many cases they already include a ton of different add-ins.  But since I have been getting my box and they deliver fresh lettuce weekly, I have been creating my own salad masterpieces from scratch.

In order to help me prepare my lettuce I bought a salad spinner.  These things are the best!  They make washing and drying lettuce super easy and they are dishwasher safe (a must in my house!).  I prefer to wash and chop my lettuce when I first get it.  This way I will be more prone to use it because it is easily accessible and ready to go.

This salad creation comes straight from my mom’s kitchen.  Growing up, this was one of my favorites.  The sweetness of the strawberries paired with the saltiness of the cheese is a match made in heaven.  Add the crunch of the nuts and tie it all together with a simple vinaigrette and you have a home run!


1 head of lettuce of your choice, chopped (I like to use butter or red leaf)

10 strawberries, sliced (more or less depending on how many you would like)

1/3 -1/2 of a block of Dubliner’s cheese, grated

A few handfuls of sliced almonds (I like the ones that already come seasoned, like these)

Simple vinaigrette or dressing of your choice (I always have a bottle of this in my fridge)


Mix the lettuce, strawberries cheese and almonds together.  Add small amounts of dressing, tossing with tongs as you go.  Serve with additional strawberries, cheese and almonds on top if desired.

There are a lot of strawberry salads out there.  I happen to love every one of them.  But the cheese in this version is the secret ingredient.  Have you ever had Dubliner cheese?  It’s magnificent.  It is my mom’s favorite cheese for many reasons.  I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that she is Irish :)  This cheese is great in a variety of different forms.   It is delicious in scrambled eggs, great over potatoes (so Irish!), and fabulous with a nice glass of wine.  If you haven’t tried it before, I am warning you, it will become your preferred choice for cheese!

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