What’s in the Box? #7

Eleven days until Christmas!  Raise your hand if you’re excited :) (ps: I’m totally raising my hand right now…).  Although with all this orange in my box, it feels more like Halloween to me.  But either way, I’m a happy girl.

This week it is going to be a little tough to use up all of my produce before we go out-of-town on Saturday.  We will be gone until after Christmas which means that I will not be receiving a box next Wednesday.  But I am excited for the substitute post I have been putting together.  It’s going to be great.

I can’t help but begin with those vibrant fuyu persimmons.  Boy was I thrilled to see them.  I have been waiting for persimmons all season.  I got a bunch of them last year and it took me a while to get some good recipes together but now I have a few favorites that I have been dying to prepare.  So these will be going to use immediately along with the broccoli.  Post to come tomorrow.

The spinach got me excited too.  It is so incredibly fresh.  Sometimes when you find spinach in the stores it looks sad and wilted.  But not this spinach!  The color is vivid and the leaves are crisp.  Perfect for another strawberry salad with some grilled chicken breast thrown on top.  Sounds like a perfect lunch for tomorrow :)

Speaking of the strawberry salad, I have been enjoying munching on the Dubliner cheese.  I have been pairing it with crackers or apple slices and it makes for a great snack.  So with this delivery of apples, I will continue to relish my new favorite nosh.

I was happy to see some more avocados.  I never got a chance to make the guacamole as I was having too much fun putting avocado on everything else.  I just finished making a batch of chicken chili and these avocados will be a perfect addition sliced on top.  I might also have to throw a few in my side salad that I plan on making with this head of red leaf lettuce along with some of these lovely carrots as well.  You know me, no meal is complete without an appearance of something green.

Did you see the size of those sweet potatoes?  Gigantic!  These will be delicious mashed, or maybe turned into some sweet potato fries.  It has been a while since I have enjoyed a batch of homemade ones.

And finally, my little mandarins.  They have become my post-dinner treat.  After all that baking (and of course eating) I have been trying to be on the straight and narrow.  So these babies have done a good job at satisfying my sweet tooth.

Sounds like I have a lot of eating ahead of me if I am going to finish off this box before we leave.  But the good news is that anything I have leftover will find a nice home with my friends.  Can’t let it go to waste!

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