Another Blogging Milestone

As 2011 comes to a close, I am grateful for all the incredible moments in which I have had the pleasure to experience.  Top on my list is of course the birth of my little girl.  I couldn’t imagine my life without her.  It’s hard to believe that this time last year she was snuggled up in my tummy, marinating away.

Since the birth of my daughter, my life has continued to evolve and change.  After nearly 15 years of working in the field of social work, serving people with developmental disabilities, I decided to become a stay at home mom.  As much as I cherish each day with my daughter, I was looking for an outlet that would allow me to connect with others.  Blogging is the perfect answer to fulfill this need.  Yet when I began, I had no idea how wonderful this experience would be.

Having the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings daily is rewarding in itself.  Getting feedback from my friends, family and fellow bloggers is icing on the cake.  Yesterday I awoke to yet another unexpected surprise.  Heather Gioia, of oohgioia, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Receiving this type of recognition from a fellow blogger is a huge honor.  So thank you Heather for your support and encouragement.  This is a wonderful way to end 2011 and get geared up for 2012.

Along with this nomination, comes a few responsibilities besides acknowledging the blogger who nominated you.  The first is to nominate 15 more bloggers and make them aware of their nomination.  So without further ado, here are my nominations for the Versatile Blogger Award in alphabetical order:

1.  Anything But Academia: A full-time doctoral student, Sarah uses her blog as a creative outlet and a way to find balance in the midst of reading, writing and studying.  I got hooked on her blog after checking out all of her healthy and delicious food posts.  A lover of fresh produce herself, Sarah and her husband are always cooking up something yummy.

2.  The Dating Divas:  Having a baby is wonderful.  But finding the balance between being a mother and being a wife can be challenging sometimes.  The Dating Divas offer a ton of creative and inexpensive date night ideas to help keep your marriage fun and exciting.

3.  Diaper Free…The Other Side of the Moon:  As a mother who practices Elimination Communication (EC) in a society full of diapers, there are times when you can feel alone.  Therefore I was extremely grateful to have this blogger reach out to me on my first EC post and share her support.  I found her blog which offers tips and tricks on EC to be very helpful and often refer other moms to her blog that are looking for more information on EC.

4.  Happiness, From the Ground Up:  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Jenn’s blog is a perfect example of this statement.  Over the last year Jenn has been documenting her days through photo posts.  And in some ways, it’s the best reading I have done in a while.  Her pictures put you in the moment and allow for your mind to create the dialogue that goes along with the whimsical images.  A great idea I hope to try one day.

5.  happyfoodbaby:  When your subtitle is “because everyone’s happier with food in their tummy” you’re a winner in my book.  happyfoodbaby always delivers original, creative and mouth water recipes that make your tummy jump for joy!  From Coconut and Oatmeal Soup to Lamb Tagine with Apricots, Almonds and Mint, there is never a dull moment in happyfoodbaby’s kitchen.

6.  Heather’s Dish:  There’s no secret that I am a sucker for yummy food.  Heather’s blog is chock-full of delicious dish after delicious dish.  Plus, as a pregnant mom-to-be who was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she is a great resource for healthy food options that fit the GD diet.

7. Indulge- Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences:  Close your eyes and think of your most outrageous adventure.  Chances are Lesley has been there, done that.  As someone who likes to stay close to home, I have found myself living vicariously through her travels.  A recently pregnant mommy-to-be, Lesley now offers useful baby product reviews as she navigates through the craziest adventure that is registering for baby goods.

8. Koko Likes:  If you have ever wondered what life is like as a military girlfriend, look no further than Koko Likes.  Documenting the emotional roller coaster of having her soldier over seas, Koko shares her sincere thoughts and feelings with honesty and humility.  At the same time, Koko’s blog is a wonderful resource for everything food.  From mouth-watering recipes to detailed restaurant reviews, Koko’s got you covered.  (Full disclosure:  Koko is my sister-in-law to be, but that had nothing to do with my decision…her blog ROCKS!)

9.  Naturallymum’s Blog:  A mother of two who is choosing to raise her children using natural parenting methods shares her experiences with breastfeeding and baby led weaning among other topics.  What moved me the most about her posts is that she has the courage to do what she believes is best for her children, despite what her friends and family have to say.  Raising your children using alternative parenting methods can feel lonely at times, but connecting with naturallymum has been a rewarding relationship that has reaped wonderful benefits.

10.  Never Say Never, Baby:  I wish I was hip to the blogging world while I was pregnant with Harper.  There are so many wonderful mommy-to-be bloggers that offer a slew of helpful information that would have come in handy.  Krissy’s blog is one of them.  She documents her pregnancy through weekly posts that provide good insight on what to expect from day-to-day.

11.  Peas and Crayons:  A military bride who loves art and food, Jennifer creates a virtual sketchbook and cookbook rolled into one.  Her weekly post What I Ate Wednesday  is a virtual food party, where bloggers all around the world post their daily eats.  It’s a fun way to celebrate food and get a little bit of inspiration to spark some radical cravings.

12.  Savory Simple:  When I grow up, I want to make fancy food like Savory Simple.  Her food is chic and her photos are divine.  When I am not drooling over her recipes, I am learning all I need to know about cooking from her Kitchen Glossary.  So if you have always dreamed about eating Butter Poached Lobster with Steel-Cut Oat Risotto and have no clue what albumin is, check out this blog and put your mind at ease.

13.  Skinnytaste:  Pick your favorite naughty food indulgence and Gina will offer you a healthy version of it…and it will be delicious!  Gina is an inspiration to me for many reasons.  But as far as blogging goes, she left her full-time job a few years back to focus her efforts on her blog and has seen the fruits of her labor blossom.  Sounds like a dream come true…kind of like her Low Fat Strawberry No-Bake Cheesecake!

14.  A Sweet Pea Chef:  If you ever wondered what happens when you google mashed sweet potatoes, make sure you have some extra time on your hands.  You might stumble upon this lovely blog, in which case you will be sitting over the computer for hours drooling over all of Lacey’s amazing dishes.  Not only are her recipes to die for, but she also offers helpful tips in her Cooking 101 series.

 15.  Your Vegan Girlfriend:  Although I could never imagine myself going vegan, if I ever did, this blog would be my bible.  With tons of delicious vegan recipes for everything from burgers to brownies, Arielle’s dishes are sure to tickle your fancy.  In addition to offering treats you can make at home, Arielle also does a great job of reviewing vegan restaurants in Los Angeles and New York City.
The final step of the Versatile Blogger Award nomination is to list 7 random facts about yourself…so here we go:
1.  My favorite color is blue.
2.  I have a slight addiction to reality shows (especially those that air on Bravo)
3.  I am afraid of the dark…seriously!
4.  I organize my closet by color.
5.  I am a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta, a historically black sorority.
6.  I get excited about purchasing Kleenex…because the designs on the boxes make me happy : )
7.  I love to sleep in…something that doesn’t happen much these days.
As we enter into 2012, I extend my gratitude to all my readers.  Thank you for participating in this journey with me.  May your new year be filled with lots of love and tons of laughter!  Happy New Year!
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13 thoughts on “Another Blogging Milestone

  1. Thanks so much Chucks! I’ll definitely have to check out all the other blogs you have listed. Keep up the good work, I hope 2012 is inspiring for you!

  2. Mickey Mills says:

    Happy New Year! great blog.

  3. Thank you so much for the nomination! :)

  4. Thank you for the kind words! Happy New Year!

  5. Tara says:

    Thanks a bunch!! We are truly flattered and so glad you enjoy our website! XOXO, Tara {one of the Divas}

  6. Thanks so much! What a happy thing to wake up to on New Year’s Day (when I first saw this and should have responded more promptly). I’m excited to check out the others on your list and to hear more from you this year!

    • inherchucks says:

      It was my pleasure. You absolutely deserve it. I loved reading about your first 5 nominees. Already hooked on Annie’s Cooking Lab. Can’t wait to see who’s next! Looking forward to all that you will have to share in 2012 :)

  7. I wanted to stop by and thank you again for the nomination. Health, happiness and prosperity in the New Year :)

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