What’s in the Box? #9

Happy Wednesday!  This week sure is flying by.  And Harper and I have been busy busy (yes I meant to say busy twice…cause that’s how busy we have been).  In fact, we were so busy we almost didn’t make it home in time to take a picture of our box!  With minutes to spare, I was able to snap this before the sun went down… phew!

Is it just me or does this color scheme remind you of the 70s?  Kind of groovy, right?  I actually love how everything coordinates with those gorgeous kabocha squash.  They are going to make a delicious side for an asian inspired dinner.  In fact, one of the recipes calls for fresh orange zest, so the navel oranges will come in handy.

And look at all that green!  I love it :)  Let’s start with the watercress.  I have a killer soup recipe that I can’t wait to share.  Its simple, easy and delicious.  And it calls for potatoes, so those Yukon Golds have a home too.  I might have to get busy with the romaine lettuce and make it a soup n’ salad kind of meal.  Sounds like a yummy homemade lunch!

Next up, sugar snap peas.  I have recently enjoyed blanching them and then sautéing them with butter and lemon zest.  Amazing!  And the cabbage, well Freddie loves my chinese chicken salad.  It calls for shredded cabbage as opposed to lettuce and is a sure winner around here.  The mandarins will work perfectly as a topper too.  As long as I don’t make cabbage rolls again, Freddie will be happy.

Those shallots are plump!  As much as I love cooking with them (probably one of my all time favorite ingredients), they are deathly on the eyes.  I may be a wimp when it comes to slicing onions, but shallots are no joke!  I had to invest in a pair of onion goggles to protect myself.  Strong stuff!

Finally, what about the kiwis?  Freddie has been on a smoothie kick lately.  One of his favorite combinations is kiwi-strawberry, so its possible that he might snag these before I get a chance to.

Another week of yummy fresh fruits and veg.  Can’t wait to get cookin!

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