11 Months

Can it be that my baby girl is already 11 months old? That means there is only one more month until her 1st birthday! Wow…what a wonderful year this has been. My little baby is growing up!

Harper’s Firsts:

First New Years: Usually babies are asleep when midnight strikes. Well Harper was fast asleep until about 11:30pm and then woke up ready to party. I guess she wanted to make sure she brought in the New Year with style. But as soon as midnight struck, she was ready to go back to sleep. It was the perfect family evening!

First Time Standing Unassisted: We are almost there folks! Walking is just around the corner. Harper has begun to pull herself up on things and then lets go, balancing all on her own. It’s adorable how she bends her little knees and spreads her legs apart so she can make sure she is steady. She looks at us with a big smile. She almost can’t believe it herself!

First Piano: As a piano player myself I couldn’t resist. For Christmas, Freddie and I bought her an adorable pink baby grand. She loves it! She plays it all the time. It is such a blast watching her hone her musical skills. I can’t wait to start playing duets with her : )

Harper’s Favs:

Favorite Toy: Harper is in love with her Peek-a-Shoe Talking Octopus. She enjoys putting the colored balls in the holes and then looks for them underneath the shoes. We got this toy for her a few months back but she just recently started putting the balls into the holes, in addition to everything else. I have found blocks, dolls and her toothbrush stuck inside the octopus. But at least she has the concept down!

Favorite Song: Harper recently discovered her head. So we have been singing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes non-stop! Every time Harper grabs her head, we sing “Head” and then when she stops we finish the verse. She thinks this game is very fun and is quite proud of herself that she has started to point out her body parts.

Favorite Book: Harper thinks Elmo is hilarious. She loves it when her daddy reads her Clap Your Hands! He is good at imitating Elmo’s voice and the moving puppet always cracks her up :)

Harper Eats her ABCs:

A is for Apples: As I mentioned in my post about Baby Led Weaning, Harper prefers to gnaw on large chunks of food rather than eat food that is pureed. For example, she wants no part of apple sauce, but will suck/nibble on an apple slice all day! It is one of her favorite snacks. And now that she has teeth, she uses them as little razors to shred the apples before she chews them. Smart little cookie!

B is for Bacon: Is this even normal? My baby loves bacon! She doesn’t eat much else but whenever Freddie and I are enjoying bacon for breakfast she starts grabbing for it and can’t get enough. Freddie isn’t surprised by her bacon obsession as that is pretty much all I ate while I was pregnant. I was never a fan of bacon before I got pregnant, but once I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes I found that bacon did wonders for my blood sugar in the mornings. No kidding! The more fat and protein you eat, the slower your carbohydrates will digest, which is a huge help for someone with diabetes. So bacon was my best friend. And I guess Harper became a fan by association.

C is for Coriander Chicken Patties: As if bacon wasn’t enough! My philosophy when feeding Harper is to offer her whatever we are eating. But I had no idea how much she would devour these. And then I realized…no wonder she wasn’t interested in all those bland purees! She prefers gourmet cuisine :) So now, she enjoys Sausage White Bean Kale Soup, Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Butter and Halibut with Oranges just to name a few. I guess it is no secret who her mommy is :)

Tooth Update

Harper now has 4 teeth!

They came in a little differently than most. She got her 1st tooth on the bottom right , her 2nd tooth on the top left, her 3rd tooth on the top right and now her 4th tooth on the bottom left. Kind of like an “X”. She was rocking the one tooth look for a while, but since her 2nd tooth came in they have been popping up everywhere. I am pretty sure she is on the verge of some new pearly whites as we speak!

Even though the time seems to be flying by, I am able to cherish each and every moment. Being Harper’s mommy is the best job in the entire world! Every day spent with her is pure joy. Harper’s smile is infectious and she has taught me so much about life, even at her young age. Thank you for shedding your bright light Ms. Harper :)

Happy 11th Month Birthday Baby! Mommy and Daddy love you :)

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4 thoughts on “11 Months

  1. Courtney says:

    Happy 11 months little beauty!

  2. Aunt Rosemary says:

    What a cutey in her DKNY!

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