What’s in the Box? #13

It’s the second week of February, which means all of the month’s festivities are right around the corner.  Between our wedding anniversary and Harper’s birthday, we are going to be a busy family the next few weeks.  In fact, I had to cancel next week’s box because we will be out-of-town.  So look forward to another fun recipe roundup!  But in the meantime, I am going to savor every last drop of this week’s box, because after Sunday there won’t be any home cooked meals for a few days.

So before we go any further, what is it about Brussels sprouts getting a bad rap?  To be honest, I can’t remember eating them as a kid, but I do recall people always speaking of them negatively.  A few years ago I was invited over to a friend’s house for dinner and she had prepared Brussels sprouts.  I was a little hesitant to try them considering all the terrible reviews I had heard but after my first bite I was hooked.  They are wonderful!  And are now one of my favorite vegetables.  Thus, we planted a bunch in our garden :)  I have tried a few different recipes when it comes to Brussels, but to be honest, you can’t go wrong with simply roasted Brussels.  Check out this easy to follow recipe for some amazing roasted Brussels.

I also seem to be way too excited about the leeks.  And to think that about a year ago I would have no idea what to do with a leek.  But now I have a favorite recipe that I can’t wait to share with you.  It has been a while since I cooked it because I was going a bit overboard with it last season.  I wanted to make it every week!  And finally Freddie requested we try something new.  So I can’t wait to revisit it.  I plan on steaming up those lovely broccoli florets as well.  Always a nice complement to any meal.

There is nothing better than a fresh bunch of thyme.  It is so fragrant and sweet smelling.  No joke, I kind of just wanted to take a bite out of it.  I am not quite sure what I will use it for but no doubt it will find a happy home.

After the success of the Cheesy Cauliflower Pancakes that I made last time we got cauliflower, I think I might have to make another batch.  Harper was bonkers for them!  They were a great finger food for her and a yummy side dish for us.

Speaking of side dishes, we all know one or two of my meals this week will incorporate this huge head of lettuce.  It took up almost a quarter of the box!  Biggest head of lettuce I have ever seen.  And because I always like to add a lot of crunch to my salads, I plan on dicing up some of the celery and adding that in as well.  Whatever celery doesn’t end up in the salad will become a delicious snack along with those mandarins and tangerines.  That is, if there are any left.  Freddie already swiped 5 for his evening and morning smoothie!

Finally, if you can see them behind the lettuce, I also got 3 deliciously plump avocados.  Looks like I am going to have to bust out a batch of my Ultimate Guacamole.  So, who’s coming over for the fiesta?

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4 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #13

  1. I love leeks – I think that comes from my Welsh heritage. My wife makes a good leek and bean pie and braised leeks and I like making cawl (Welsh leek, root vegetables and lamb stew) or kjotsupa (close to cawl but Icelandic) every now and then.

  2. They aren’t, but maybe next time I can get a hold of the right vegetables I will post about it.

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