The Scoop on Croup: Part 2

Ok, so maybe that adorable face doesn’t look too sick (except for her little runny nose), but this poor baby has had a rough few days.  (By the way, the red stain all over her face was the aftermath of an attempt to give her some elderberry syrup to help strengthen her immune system.  I don’t know how much made it in her mouth but it makes for a wonderful lip gloss!).

Last night was another hard night.  Harper continued to have trouble breathing and was coughing up a storm.  We exhausted our arsenal of tricks to make her feel better and were at a loss of how we could provide some relief to her.  We knew some rest would do her good, but every time she would fall asleep she would wake up frustrated that she couldn’t breathe because she was so congested.  At 5am, I finally phoned the nurse on call.  I explained to her what was going on and she suggested we go to Urgent Care.  Of course, after I got off the phone with her Harper fell asleep on her daddy’s chest, her favorite spot.

When she awoke around 9am, she seemed even worse than before.  We rushed to Urgent Care and were seen by a doctor immediately.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything else he could really do for us.  He said her symptoms were classic croup and referred us back to the remedies we had already employed.

Once we got home, she was ready to nap again, and slept for another few hours.  When she awoke, I took her in the shower for a bit to help open up her passageways.  It also seemed to help her relax a bit.

As we moved on into the evening, Harper began to feel a little better.  Her spirits were up and she seemed to be regaining her strength.  In addition to her steroid treatment, we decided to give her some calming tabs, with the hope that it would help her have a more restful sleep.  Because, ultimately, sleep is what is going to help her body heal.

We know that things can only get better from here.  It just breaks my heart to see my little girl so uncomfortable.  So here’s to more healing thoughts and a good night sleep for all.

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2 thoughts on “The Scoop on Croup: Part 2

  1. Fredda says:

    Oh Heather, I am so sorry that Harper is feeling ill and I know how scary croup can be, Once again, I refer you to Laurie Counihan Child (LAc and homeopath). I think I told you that when Annie was a baby we had to deal with croup far too often , but Laurie finally came up with a remedy for her (Drosera) that worked like a charm ultimately. Then, when she had the smallest symptoms or had been exposed to another sick child, I had a remedy to administer without harm that mostly did my little girl a world of good. Sometimes finding the right practitioner is key and I would greatly advise you getting Harper in to see Laurie asap. Laurie’s number is: 682-0123 . Hope you all get a better night’s sleep tonight and sending Harper healing thoughts and love………Fredda

    • inherchucks says:

      Thank you for all your wisdom Fredda. I was going to email you tonight about it but you beat me to it. I will definitely call her tomorrow. I am hoping Harper will get better before her big birthday bash this weekend. We will most likely miss yoga on Wednesday but are looking forward to seeing you this weekend at Harper’s party. All our love.

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