Conscious Box

It’s no secret I have a thing for boxes. And I am also passionate about going green. Put those things together and you get none other than a Conscious Box. My new favorite obsession!

So, what is a Conscious Box? Well, Conscious Box is a subscription service that delivers a package chock full of unique, pure and natural products to your doorstep monthly. It is a great way to become familiar with businesses that are working to make a happier, and healthier planet. And the best part…every month is a new surprise! You might not know what is going to be in the box, but you can rest assure that whatever you find will be in line with the Conscious Box’s missions and values.

I first came across the Conscious Box on the blog Peas and Crayons. It was love at first sight. I know I had to have one. So I went ahead and wrote an email to the “powers that be” over at Conscious Box to see if they would be interested in having me do a review of their product. And Jameson Morris, one of the founders and Executive Officer of Conscious Box, emailed me back right away. He said they would be happy to send me a courtesy box for review. So thank you Jameson and the folks at Conscious Box for your generosity. I am officially hooked!

What are we waiting for? Let’s dive in to the goodies, shall we?

1. Treehouse Herbs: I am tea lover to the core. So I was beyond excited to learn about this family run business that sells organic herbs and all natural teas. Besides offering an array of high quality herbal teas, Treehouse Herbs uses unbleached, compostable tea filters. So you can feel good about treating your body, and the planet, with respect.

2. Bloomin: Wanna take paper recycling to a whole new level? How about writing your next thank you note on a seed paper card. Bloomin carries seed paper products for everything from journals, to place setting cards to calendars and beyond. What a great way to make a difference on our impact of paper usage. I can’t wait to plant my little heart and see what grows!

3. Olbas: Boy am I glad I ran into these little guys! After contracting Harper’s cold I have been having a miserable time with congestion and a sore throat. Not one to take many medications, I felt safe trying this pastilles. Not only were they effective but they were refreshing as well. I will definitely be stocking up on these for the future.

4. Badger Balm: During this cold and dry weather, it is important that you have something to keep your lips protected and hydrated. And who said it can’t give you a little oomph in your step too? This tiny little lip tint and shimmer makes your lips feel good, and according to Freddie, makes them look good too. And to top it off, all of Badger Balm’s products are fair trade and cruelty free. Gotta love a company that’s got love for the animals :)

5. Natural Vitality: Let’s be honest, everyone has a little stress in your life. So why not beat it with a tasty, simple and oh-so-bubbly drink! Natural Vitality Calm is a magnesium supplement that will help you beat stress, boost energy and get your body back in balance. This may or may not end up in Freddie’s lunch box (he is SUCH a hard worker!)

6. C3 for Stress: And while we are on the subject of beating stress, why not try out this yummy all natural and sugar-free supplement as well. With a unique blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals, each sip of this delicious treat will have you feeling calm and collected. Looks like I might be trying one of these myself :)

7. Good Clean Love: Once you take the edge off and are calm and relaxed from your de-stresser drinks, why not enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. When Freddie found this lying on the counter, he asked “what type of box did you subscribe to?”. To which my response was, “green folks need love too!”. So, why not make love organically with a lubricant that is free of petrochemicals, parabens, and glycerin and bring all the benefits of purity into the bedroom.

8. ResVez: What is a Valentine’s Day without wine and chocolate? Well WineTime brings the best of both together in a yummy, surprisingly healthy treat. So go ahead and enjoy all the benefits of red wine and chocolate without the alcohol, without the hangover and without the guilt.

9. Nature Crops: Recently gluten-free (a conversation for another post), it can be hard to find snacks that you can enjoy. Made with a blend of quinoa and tasty fruit flavors, Nature Crops bars are a delicious treat. And the best part…they are high in protein and fiber so they will keep you going for a while.

10. Love Grown Foods: I have seen this brand all over the blogosphere. And I have been dying to give it a try. I wouldn’t consider myself a granola person, but then again, this isn’t your average granola. Made with gluten-free oats (yay me!), organic agave syrup and a variety of flavors from plain to chocolate, I have just fell in love with my new favorite snack. I can’t wait to get this bag of Simply Oats over a fresh bowl of berries and greek yogurt. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like heaven to me!

11. Blossom Organics: For those of you looking for a Valentine’s Day #2, look no further than Blossom Organics’ intimate care collection. With everything from natural moisturizing lubricant to personal arousal gel, Blossom Organics is perfect for you and that special someone :)

12. Nutcase Crunch: As I continue on my search for gluten-free foods, I am more than thrilled to come across this little bag of goodness. A perfect alternative to sugary, wheat based cereals that will keep you satisfied all morning. Sounds like a cereal lover’s dream to me! I will be enjoying a bowl for breakfast…can’t wait :)

13: Dr. Cleangreen: We all know that there are a million options out there when it comes to hand sanitizers. But most of them are full of harsh chemicals or alcohol. So not only are they unfriendly to your skin, but they are unfriendly to the planet. Developed by physicians and made with on the purest organic ingredients, Dr. Cleangreen’s kills over 99.99% of common bacteria and viruses naturally and effectively. Perfect to slip in your purse or diaper bag.

14. Mayron’s Goods: As a parent, there is nothing worse than when your baby has a bad diaper rash. But it can be hard to find products that are not full of harsh chemicals and fragrances. Mayron’s Goods Best Barrier & Diaper Cream is a safe way to keep those precious little booties protected. Made with shea butter and beeswax and infused with vitamins and essential oils, this diaper cream is sure to become your favorite.

15. Scientific Organics: When it comes to skin care, I tend to have a closed mind. I have been using the same products on my skin for over 15 years. And I have been more than happy with the results and have never had a reason to look elsewhere. As they say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Well, what if you receive a free sample of an all natural product that makes your skin feel like buttah? Then you might reconsider your former skin care choices and decide you now need to order the entire Scientific Organics line. Yes…it’s that amazing!

16. Soap Box Soap: To be honest, I have never been a big fan of bar soap. It tends to leave my skin dry and dingy (yes, even zest doesn’t get me zestfully clean…gotta love those old school commercials though!). But this bar soap is different in more ways than one. Every time you buy one of their soap bars, they’ll send a “companion bar” to a child in need. So just when you thought your soap couldn’t save a life, now it can :)

17. Himala Salt: I can remember my brother handing me a bag of pink salt one day. I thought it looked cool but I had no idea how cool it really was. Himalayan salt’s rare, gorgeous pink color stems from its naturally high content of wholesome essential minerals, and is well-known for its restorative properties. Although there are many other pink Himalayan sea salts on the market, HimalaSalt is the only one that is ethically sourced.

Wow…that is a whole lot of cool “green” stuff. And did I mention that most of the products come with a generous coupon too? So who’s ready to go shopping! I think I could easily buy 5 of each product listed. I just have to find where Freddie hid the credit card ;)

Want your own Conscious Box? February’s boxes are currently on sale for only $9! But they are almost sold out. So go ahead and click here and grab one before it’s too late!

If you want to learn more about Conscious Box or are interested in a monthly subscription, click here to choose a plan that works for you.

Having a hard time finding a gift for a friend, family member or co-worker? Why not give them a one month subscription to Conscious Box for under $20! And not only have you supplied them with a gift that will keep on giving, but you have introduced them to green living, and that is what the Conscious Box is all about!

My appreciation, again, to Conscious Box for your generosity. I am excited about your mission to acquaint others with ethical, sustainable and honest businesses around the world and support you in your cause. I support you in your endeavor. Go Green!

*Full Disclosure: Conscious Box did provide me with a box free of charge. I was not paid to write this post. With exception of some of the factual information given about the various products, all opinions regarding the products are my own and 100% honest.

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6 thoughts on “Conscious Box

  1. Courtney says:

    This makes me wish even more that I was going to be around for Harper’s party this weekend because I would definitely be buying a box.

    Do you know if they have something like this in Phoenix or is it something that they ship?

  2. Jess says:

    Great tip Heather, Thank you! Hope Harper is felling better!

  3. I got this one too!!!! ahhhhh I am still using everything slowly but surely — love love love it and this wonderful company!!!! <3

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