Foodzie Tasting Box

I have a confession to make.  I am addicted to boxes.  Boxes filled with delicious fresh produce.  Boxes packed with environmentally friendly products.  And boxes bursting with treats that are just plain good!

My love affair with the Foodzie Tasting Box actually started about six months ago.  My sister-in-law to be introduced me to this new phenomenon and I have been hooked ever since.  It’s my once a month guilty pleasure and it never disappoints.

The Foodzie Tasting Box is a monthly subscription service of gourmet goodies that get shipped to your home.  Each month is a different theme of artisan products to excite your palate.  There are three different boxes to choose from, all for only $29.95 each.

For the month of February they offered a Date Night Cooking Box, a Valentine’s Day Tasting Box, and a Movie Night Tasting Box.  I received the Movie Night Box.  And boy did it hit the spot!  So much so that it never made it to the movie.  I couldn’t keep my hands off of these things!  Each one was better than the last.

My favorite?  The Lovelies, dark-chocolate-covered raisins, hands down.  I intended on just having a few, and before I knew it, I had eaten the entire bag!  So delicious :)  And don’t even try to compare these to anything store bought.  These little gems are plump, sweet, and oh-so-yummy.

And then I had to check out that Zzang! Bar Original.  Wow!  I’m officially a candy snob.  Nothing can beat this handmade bar filled with fluffy nougat, rich caramel and crunchy peanuts, wrapped up in a layer of dark chocolate.  Delicious doesn’t even begin to describe the flavor.  And what makes this treat even better?  No chemicals or preservatives.  Just old fashioned goodness.

While I was enjoying the chocolate train, I couldn’t help but sneak a bite of The Joycup Co.’s handmade chocolate peanut butter cups.  A classic flavor combination at it’s finest.  It was amazing to taste the difference in the quality of the peanut butter and chocolate.  A treat to die for.

What’s a movie night without some popcorn?  But not just any popcorn.  Heirloom popcorn from Tiny But Mighty.  With all the GMO corn out there today, it’s nearly impossible to find corn products that are wholesome and natural.  This popcorn stays true to the way nature intended it to be.  And even though they may be small, they pack a whole bunch of flavor.  Fluffy and buttery.  Need I say more?

I’m sure you have enjoyed a cup of chai tea before, but I highly doubt you have indulged in a Chai Cola.  Which means, you need to hurry up and get on it!  Because there is nothing more refreshing than a mouth full of cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and ginger mixed with black tea and yerba mate.  Yeah, it’s pretty much a match made in heaven.

After cleansing my palate I moved on to the “healthier” side of the box, and grabbed a handful of some all natural gummy bears by Surf Sweets.  Delicious and nutritious.  Each serving is packed with 100% daily dose of vitamin C.  So why not eat a few more and boost your immune system while you satisfy your sweet tooth.

And finally, who doesn’t love licorice.  My dad’s favorite.  I was excited to share my new find of Black Ace Red Licorice with him but had to try it first to make sure it was up to his standards.  Half a box later.  On his last trip to visit it seems that I might have misplaced the rest in the pantry somewhere.  Guess I know what to get him for father’s day.  Let me just say this…melt in your mouth good.

Besides enjoying all the delicious treats Foodzie has to offer, I really love what Foodzie stands for.  Foodzie’s mission is to promote small and passionate food producers, helping them find customers and grow their business.  They believe in good food and want to help connect those that like to eat it with the people who make it.  Between their online marketplace, and their monthly tasting boxes, they are building edible bridges that seem to satisfy even the most bizarre craving (Bacon Jam anyone?).

Have the need to feed your craving?  Go ahead and sign up for your monthly subscription.  Or purchase a box as a gift for a friend.  Sharing the joy of food always makes my tummy smile :)  Happy eating!

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