Musical Mondays: Grab Your Instruments!

Who’s ready to start a baby band?  We got everything you need!  Drums, maracas, bells…we are set :)

If making music with babies wasn’t fun enough, try throwing baby instruments in the mix.  Have you ever seen a baby get busy with a drum solo on their baby tot drum?  It’s pretty awesome!

So what types of instruments are we talking about?  When it comes to babies making music with instruments, we stick with percussion instruments that are unpitched.  What that means is that the instruments that they are using are not meant to play any specific notes.  So whatever way the baby chooses to play, will sound wonderful.  Giving children the freedom to play their own way with success, helps to build confidence both in music and in life.  This is a key component of the Orff Approach.

As children master playing unpitched instruments, their creative responses and improvisational skills blossom.  In my weekly music classes, we always have a few activities that incorporate our instruments.  We generally only use one instrument at a time so the babies can focus on the sound of the instrument that they are playing.

Here is the list of instruments we use:

Maraca:  Perfect for little hands, this small and durable maraca has a crisp clean sound that all little ones will love.

Baby Tot Drum:  Sure to be great fun as little ones “beat” this durable and colorful rainbow covered drum with handle.  And it comes with a matching rainbow mallet that is just their size!

Baby Tot Bell:  A securely attached large silver bell with cage and easy to grip handle.  It is great for small hands and will jingle with every shake!

All of these instruments are available through  You can also purchase them all together in cute little kit.  And as the babies grow older, there are other instruments to match their developmental stage.  All of Lynn’s instruments are professional quality and safety tested.

So whether the babies are exploring how to play their bells while parents sing along to Mr. Sun, or they are participating in a more structured activity such as Shake and Stop, they are building their confidence in their ability to make music while learning simple musical concepts.  And nothing makes them more happy than being able to make music on their own!

All information presented is property of Lynn Kleiner’s Music Rhapsody.  For helpful music materials and more information on baby music activities check out Lynn Kleiner’s Music Box.

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2 thoughts on “Musical Mondays: Grab Your Instruments!

  1. Aunt Rosemary says:

    Harper is taking after Daddy with her drum.

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