What’s in the Box? #19

Happy Thursday everyone!  My apologies for being tardy with this post, but we took an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room last night with Harper for yet another round of croup.  After spending 2 hours in the waiting room before being seen and another 3 hours of procedures, we were pretty worn out by the time we got home.  But the good news is Harper is feeling better and on the mend.

And the truth is, nothing does the body better than fresh fruits and veggies.  So I am continually grateful for my box full of yummy vitamins and nutrients.

I don’t normally get over the moon excited about lettuce.  As much as I love my homemade salads by the side, the truth is, they can get old…fast!  So I was glad to find this blog post on different ways to enjoy lettuce because now I look at this bunch of romaine completely differently.  Can’t wait to test out some of these delicious ideas.

One thing I never seem to get tired of is steamed broccoli.  I stepped out of my comfort zone last time and tried it roasted thought it turned out great.  But I plan on going back to my old staple this week.  And the lemon will come in handy because tossing the steamed broccoli with a little butter and lemon juice always gives it that extra something.

I love getting fresh garlic in my box.  It always seems so much more fragrant and tasty than the garlic you buy at the stores.  Plus, I have recently become obsessed with my new garlic keeper.  So it’s fun to have something to fill it with.  But a few cloves will definitely come in handy for Harper’s new favorite dinner.  I have never seen her scarf down anything so fast!  The recipe calls for potatoes,leeks, thyme and celery.  So looks like we only have the meat to pick up at the market and we are all set for dinner tonight :)

In the meantime I am going to munch on those pixie tangerines.  So sweet and delicious.  I just have one minor complaint.  They are a little tough to peel.  After being spoiled by all the satsuma mandarins we were getting, I have become used to the rinds practically falling off.  But these puppies take work!  Although, I have to say, the prize is worth the effort.

Another snack I am looking forward to are my strawberries.  I found a recipe for dried strawberries and so I have them in the oven as we speak.  Fingers crossed that they turn out well.

My last indulgence will be those Mexican guavas.  They are yummy eaten raw, but I like to throw them in a blender with some frozen fruit and enjoy them in a smoothie.  What a treat!

And now could I forget about those crunchy sugar snap peas.  Probably one of my most favorite veggies.  And for some reason I seem to love to serve them with pork.  I was never a big pork fan until I met Freddie but pork is one of his favorite proteins, so I make an effort to make it for him on a regular basis.  I hope to get around to sharing a great recipe with you all this week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  It’s almost here…

Here’s to healthy babies and healthy mommies (and daddies too…) :)

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12 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #19

  1. So glad Harper is feeling better – poor little thing. That box looks yummy – fool of exciting meals. I LOVE steamed brocolli too. I think a lot of people find it plain but I think it is so tasty (and truly the healthiest way to eat any veggie)

    • inherchucks says:

      Thank you MHE (my nickname for you…)…there is nothing better than fresh produce. And I couldn’t agree with you more. Steaming is the yummiest and healthiest…although I find only some veggies work well with steaming. For asparagus, I like to roast…mmmm…so good…

  2. Astrid says:

    Happy to hear dear Harper is better! Your box looks delicious and I’m eager for your recipes! :-)))

  3. debbrunson says:

    Oh!! Your box makes me excited for my CSA shares to start! Great photos and fun site all the way around. Like it a lot, ‘chucks :)

  4. Stella Mae's mama says:

    H – does the box always look that fantastic or do you arrange it for the photo? I’m thinking the latter since I know how you feel about food styling… Healthy thoughts to Harper.

    • inherchucks says:

      Hey Britt…yes I like to arrange the veggies so that you can see everything…which can be a challenge sometimes considering how many delicious goodies are jam packed in my boxes…thanks for the healthy thoughts…shes getting better each and every day :)

  5. emmycooks says:

    CSAs don’t start up here in Seattle until JUNE! I am a little jealous and a lot happy to see your pic of all those gorgeous veggies. :)

  6. scrumptious says:

    So happy to discover another CSA blog! Your in-the-box photos are GORGEOUS. I am super inspired!

    Have you tried the best ever roasted broccoli with lemon zest & pine nuts? It’s completely revelatory. Here’s the recipe: http://inmybox.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/the-best-broccoli-of-your-life/

    I’m adding you to my list of CSA blog links. I love how you do your CSA posts.

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