What’s in the Box? #20

It’s the first Wednesday of April.  Does that mean it’s too late for an April Fools joke?  To be honest, I completely forget all about April Fools until late in the evening.  I tried to pull a joke on Freddie but apparently he couldn’t be fooled.  Oh well…guess I got to start planning my plots for next year :)

Moving on to my bountiful box…At first glance only one word comes to mind…YUM!

With Easter right around the corner I was excited to see some carrots.  Instead of putting out raw carrots for the Easter Bunny this year, I think I am going to prepare him a special treat.  Stay tuned for a yummy carrot dessert :)  And while I am in the mood to make sweets, I came across a new recipe for another beet baked good.  Can’t wait to try it out!

Speaking of trying things out…I attempted the dried strawberries last week, and they were a big disappointment.  Not bad, just not anything like the picture.  I didn’t hesitate to devour them because, after all, they are delicious strawberries.  But this week I will be keeping it simple and enjoying them on my oatmeal or in my yogurt.

I am still absolutely loving the pixie tangerines.  They are the juiciest things I have ever seen!  But I can never get the peel off without squirting juice all over my clothes.  I’ll do anything to get those little gems out of their skin.  Part of me wishes I had a citrus juicer so I could enjoy some fresh squeezed tangerine juice.  How good does that sound?!  I have a wood reamer that I use when I cook for quick juicing, but I think my little hands would get tired if I decided to use it to make an entire pitcher full!  Guess I know what I want for Christmas ;)  And really, I could totally justify it because I would be able to juice those grapefruits too!  And lemons, and oranges, and limes…I’d be a juicing maniac :)  But until Santa grants me my Christmas wish, I guess I’ll be throwing them in my purse and snacking on them while I’m on the go.  Because they truly are my favorite afternoon treat!

And now for dinner this week.  I have been eyeing this delicious soup recipe that I can’t wait to try.  Soup has been a popular meal lately because it’s an easy meal for Harper to enjoy.  So I like to make soup as often as I can.  The kale will be the perfect ingredient to add to the mix.  Served with a side of that gorgeous spring mix with a simple vinaigrette…mmmm.

Freddie already has dibs on the green onions.  The man loves his onions with his morning eggs.  Does wonders for the breath…trust me!

As for me, I will take the artichokes.  Not for breakfast, but for a wonderful appetizer before dinner.  Dipped in melted butter with a small squeeze of lemon and I am in heaven.  Now that I am drooling over my keyboard…

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and wonderful Passover!

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13 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #20

  1. Tammy says:

    Are those beets or scarlet turnips? I adore artichokes and am so happy we are approaching the season.

  2. scrumptious says:

    Another gorgeously arranged and photographed box! Where do you get your box from?

  3. Aunt Rosemary says:

    A wonderful box 20 & a Happy Easter to you too. Love, GG

  4. liveoaklinda says:

    I love the idea of beet fritters & will try them out this week! fun, informative blog – maybe one of these days i’ll pass along some grandma ideas for you to post.

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