Splish Splash!

Bath time might just be one of the most exciting times of the day at our house.  But it wasn’t always that way.  It took a while for Harper to get into her bath routine, but now we can’t go a day without it.

When Harper was first born, we would bathe her in this baby bath.  We bought it because it was rated number one in consumer reports.  But instead of bath time being a joyful, relaxing experience, Harper always seemed to be very upset!  We tried adjusting the water temperature, water level, time of the day that we bathed her, but no matter what we did, she was unhappy.  The only thing that would put a smile on her face is if she were face down in the water, trying to swim (which is why we ended up enrolling her in swim class).

When Harper was about a month old, we went out-of-town for a few days.  Instead of lugging the baby bath with us, we decided to try giving her a shower instead.  Well, she LOVED it!  She didn’t want to get out.  She was so comfy snuggled up against her daddy’s chest, enjoying the water trickling down her back.  So for the next 6 months of her life, Harper would always take a shower with one of us, and she was happy as could be :)

Then once Harper could sit up on her own, we were curious to see what she would think of the “big-girl” bathtub.  Instant success!  Let’s just say, she wants to sit in the tub before we even start to draw the bathwater.  As soon as we mention the word bath, she starts smiling, clapping her hands and can’t make it to the bathroom quick enough!  We toyed with the idea of getting her one of those bathtub seats, but we realized it was just one more thing to add to the pile of “stuff”.

But we have purchased some items that have made things a bit easier and a lot more fun!  Here are some of our favorites.

1.  Bath Toys:  One of my fondest memories of bath time was playing with my bath toys.  Harper is a big fan of her bath toys as well.  Some of her favorites include:

  • Alex Tub Tunes Water Flutes:  Music is one of Harper’s favorite hobbies and these quickly became Harper’s number one toy.  Not only are these a blast in the bath, but they are fun to play with outside of the tub as well.
  • Sassy Count N Spell Bath Appliques:  Harper loves to stick these up on the wall and practice her letters.  In fact, these became so popular in the bathtub we decided to get her a magnetic pair to play with in the kitchen.
  • Little Tikes Butterfly Net:  Harper can’t seem to get enough of the swimming butterflies.  She hasn’t quite gotten to the point where she is catching them in the net, but soon this toy will be great for hand-eye coordination.

2.  KidCo Bath Storage Basket:  Of course, with all the bath toys Harper has collected we needed to find appropriate storage.  This basket is perfect!  It is adjustable so it fits well in any tub.  I like how it is accessible to Harper, so she can pick and choose which toys she is going to play with.  It easily drains excess water off the toys after bath time is over so clean up is a snap.

3.  Safety 1st Tubside Kneeler & Step Stool:  As fun as it was to give Harper a bath in the “big-girl” tub I quickly learned that my back and knees were having a hard time keeping up.  So I went searching for some extra support and have been very happy with this kneeler/step stool combo.  I love how I can store her soaps in the pouch as well, because if they are anywhere in sight, they will end up in the water with Harper.

4.  Shampoo Rinse Cup:  Ok, let’s be honest, you don’t have to buy a special cup to rinse out your child’s shampoo.  I remember my mom using a bucket for me.  But I happened to pick one up at the store and have found it to be very useful.  Rinsing the shampoo out of Harper’s hair can be difficult sometimes.  I mean, who likes to have water and soap in their eyes?  These types of contraptions can be helpful in keeping the water and the shampoo out of their face.

5.  Hooded Towels:  Before I had children, I used to think these towels were just for decoration.  But now that I am a mom I can appreciate its functionality.  There are tons of different designs, materials and styles out there.  I happen to prefer the simple, terry-cloth ones.  They come in very handy when you whisk your little one out of the tub and bundle them up to dry off.  Because Harper has always had a lot of hair, the hood helps to dry her luscious locks while I am drying off the rest of her body.

Having a favorite collection of baby toiletries is useful as well.  I am a big fan of California Baby products because of their low score on the hazardous ingredients scale.  We use their Sensitive Skin line because Harper seems to do best with products that do not have any fragrance.

Nothing smells better than a freshly bathed baby.  I love snuggling up to Harper after she takes a bath and giving her a nice big sniff.  And then I say, “Fresh as a daisy!”, which is what my mom would always say to me.  Gotta love family traditions :)

Your turn!  What are some of your baby’s favorite bath products?  Any tips and tricks that work best for your little one during bath time?  Please share :)

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6 thoughts on “Splish Splash!

  1. This is so great Heather…do you remember the wonderful pic that Mom took of you and I in the shower…you LOVED the shower! Now it’s Harper’s turn…hmmm…this sweet little apple did not fall for from her tree…:)



  2. katespi says:

    We received the munchkin caterpillar spiller bath cups as a baby shower gift. Bergen loves them! And we do too :) There are so many things you can do with them…pour water, stack them in different ways…the littlest one has a spinning feature…you can even link them together to actually form a caterpiller. We really look forward to bath time! …and we were the same way, he loved it so much, we enrolled him in swim class!

  3. Annemarie says:

    We LOVE our KidCo storage basket too! I spotted it in the picture. Might have to get some of those flutes for Burke. They look like a blast!

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