What’s in the Box? #23

Can someone tell me what happened to the month of April?  It’s going to be over in a few days and I swear I was just playing practical jokes on my husband for April Fools.  But you know what they say…time flies when you’re having fun!  And I have been having a blast with this new “What’s in the Box?” Link Party :)

So did you guys get to check out all the CSA goodness from last week’s party?  The variety is overwhelming.  There were quail eggs, burdock, corn meal, cucumbers, wheat berry sprouts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and fennel.  I think we might have covered the spectrum.  Thank you to everyone who participated!

New to the link party?  Check out the guidelines here.

Now on to the produce…

Ta-dah!  Another killer box filled with nutrients, goodness and the biggest green cabbage I have EVER seen!  My gosh…I thought a Cabbage Patch Kid might be hiding inside that massive globe.  This could easily make a saladsoup and some tacos and I am sure there would still be cabbage to spare!

And then you have those tiny pixie tangerines.  The smaller, the better.  They are so delicious and sweet, I really can’t get enough of them.  Pair them with sliced strawberries and you have a power snack that would satisfy any sweet tooth :)  Of course I always throw in some carrots and hummus to add some balance.  And then I can get through my day without a grumbly tummy!

Cooking dinner is by far one of my most favorite things.  I love to get in the kitchen and go to town.  It’s therapeutic for me and helps me to relax and unwind.  I have really been in to fish lately and I don’t plan on kicking the habit any time soon.  I never seem to get sick of my Halibut with Oranges.  Last time I made it I realized (a little too late) that we were fresh out of green onions, so I substituted some leeks instead and was very happy with the results.  The leeks added a lovely sweetness to the dish.  So these leeks and oranges will be having another rendezvous this week.

I am looking forward to having over company for dinner this week and will be preparing the artichokes as appetizers.  They are delicious when boiled and dipped in butter or mayo.  The spinach will also be the perfect side dish to the meals I have planned.  Possibly a side salad as well with that lovely head of red butter lettuce.

So what am I most excited about this week?  The sage.  Sage is definitely one of my favorite herbs.  It can easily become the star of the show and I have to say I kind of love that.  I can’t wait to try out some new recipes.  Or I might even try to get a hold of one of my dad’s famous chicken dishes…mmmm…I can already taste it :)

Your turn:  What are some of your favorite ways to use the fruits and veggies shown?  Any special recipes, tips or tricks you’d like to share?  Looking forward to your responses :)

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18 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #23

  1. Smedette says:

    Wow! That is an impressive box!

  2. Jen says:

    I’m so excited that we’ll be getting strawberries too in our next box. And that cabbage is HUGE.
    BTW, we only get one box every 2 weeks, so I’ll be joining the link party on a bi-weekly basis. :)

  3. Ashley Barnas says:

    I linked up this week! I’ll add another link soon when I start using this week’s goodies.

  4. Curly Bug says:

    Thanks for finding me. Your blog is refreshing! I am laughing at your cabbage patch kid reference to your cabbage this week. I actually opened my CSA box this week and said the same think out loud to my boys. Too funny. Our cabbage is HUGE too. I am really excited about your link up. Great idea.

  5. Addison says:

    I think I’m getting Sage in my box this weekend too, but I wish I was getting those artichokes!

  6. I posted our link! Still jealous about the citrus :-)

  7. […] of the In Her Chucks CSA link party Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  8. Ryan says:

    Everything looks so great, very picturesque!

    What did you think about the quail eggs? I’m thinking about raising them sometime in the near future.

  9. Sharlea says:

    Oranges!!?? Oh, I wish. Looks great

  10. sara says:

    Thanks for visiting! And I thought my first week’s box was pretty – yours has me jealous.

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