I Think I’ve Got an ATTITUDE Problem…

And I am not ashamed to admit it :)

After Harper was born, I was on the hunt for the best baby wipes around.  My requirements?  Natural ingredients, hypoallergenic and fragrance free.  But they had to be strong enough to clean up a big mess.  So, I went to diapers.com and ordered every single wipe they carried that was labeled “green” (my dream job is to be a product tester…I jump at every opportunity to test!).  After exhausting each and every wipe, there was a clear winner:  ATTITUDE Baby Wipes.  I loved the wipes so much I went on a search to see what other products they carried.  And slowly but surely I got hooked on ATTITUDE’s household products, hair care products, and recently their body products.  Yeah, I definitely have an ATTITUDE problem.

As much as I love the products ATTITUDE produces, I love what they stand for even more.  ATTITUDE is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing eco-friendly consumer goods.  Their mission is to promote responsible consumption by offering high performing products that minimize the impacts on health and the environment.  ATTITUDE continues to push the envelope for eco-responsibility by becoming the world’s first and only line of eco-certified and carbon neutral household products.  And any company that is committed to the highest standards for their consumers and the environment, is #1 in by book!

So, because there are so many wonderful products to choose from, I have decided to give you a quick rundown of my top 5 to help you narrow your choices (although I wouldn’t blame you if you bought every single product that they offer…I might have even done that myself…just sayin’)

1.  Baby Wipes:  The product that started it all.  I buy these babies in bulk!  I love how soft they are and how clean they feel.  Harper has super sensitive skin and even products that are meant for sensitive skin seem to make her break out.  Not these!  They are gentle enough for my darling baby’s bottom, but do a great job at cleaning up the mess.  They are made with vegetable-based, natural and biodegradable ingredients so they aren’t chock full of yucky chemicals.  And I can feel good about that!

2.  Hand Soap:  With a baby around, it is important to always have clean hands.  But so many of the hand soaps out there don’t have “clean” ingredients.  When you wash your hands with ATTITUDE’s hand wash, you can be sure that your hands are clean all around.  And they leave my hands feeling soft and smelling great!  Every sink in my house has an ATTITUDE hand soap sitting next to it.  An absolute household staple!

3.  All Purpose Cleaner:  Having a reliable all-purpose cleaner in the house is a must!  Now more than ever, I need something that is as safe for my family as it is for the environment.    And it has to work…well :)  I am sold on ATTITUDE’s All Purpose Cleaner.  Not only does it smell delicious, and leave my surfaces clean, but I don’t have to worry about it leaving behind any chemical residue.

4.  Natural Air Purifier:  Having a home that smells fresh has always been important to me.  But not at the expense of my health.  When I found ATTITUDE’s Natural Air Purifiers, I immediately fell in love.  Not only do they smell great, unlike so many of the air fresheners out there, but they are safe.  Did you know that synthetic fragrances and perfumes contain more than a hundred chemical compounds, many of which may be harmful to your health?  ATTITUDE’s solution purifies the air in your home with active coals while using natural essential oils to make things smell great!

5.  Eco-Friendly Diapers:  After months of searching for the perfect diaper for Harper, I was thrilled when I found ATTITUDE’s Eco-Friendly Diapers.  A true ecological alternative to traditional disposable diapers, they are effective, absorbent and comfortable.  Made from renewable and compostable materials, they are also carbon neutral, making ATTITUDE diapers the greenest disposable diapers in the world!  What’s not to love about all that?  Unfortunately, the fit isn’t right for Harper (she has her mama’s hips and booty…) but as she continues to grow I always buy the next size up hoping we can eventually make it work.

After learning all about ATTITUDE and their wonderful products, I hope that you want to have an ATTITUDE problem too.  Check out their “Where to Buy” page to find ATTITUDE products near you.

Full Disclosure:  This post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by ATTITUDE.  In fact, they don’t even know I exist…yet :)  I just happen to be a huge fan of everything that they stand for and couldn’t help but spread the good news!

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8 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Got an ATTITUDE Problem…

  1. Astrid Henao says:

    Thanks for sharing this Heather!! Love learning about others green favorite products. Better believe I’m gonna look into your ATTITUDE problem! :-)

  2. Jen says:

    Good to know! I don’t have a baby, but it’s nice to know that there are some effective AND eco-friendly choices out there. I’m currently looking into making my own cleaning products — my boyfriend introduced me to a book called Making It, which has a whole chapter on making your own all-purpose cleaner, soft scrub, and disinfectants. It just makes sense to me — less chemical exposure to yourself and to the environment, and less waste too.

  3. Sylvie says:

    These products are definately a better option than many others out there, but please be aware that they went to court for firing a pregnant woman and a 60-year old. They are a very young and innovative company but are not ethical in their practices and with their employees. As a mohter myself, i do plan to encourage a company that fired a mommy-to-be, an oximoron considering their baby line.

    • inherchucks says:

      I had not heard about this before. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      • Margaret says:

        Yes, living in Montreal, I remember hearing about that also, and have stopped using their products since. It seems the newly pregnant employee who was the head of her division had her position abolished due to “company restructuring” only a few weeks after disclosing the news of her pregnancy and her desire to take maternity leave. Terrible.

        Love your site though!

      • inherchucks says:

        Thank you for sharing more information about this tragic situation. As an American, this story was not available to me. So I appreciate you filling me in.

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