It’s Potty Time!: Part 3

Looks like Harper and I have been having too much fun “pottying” because it has been nearly 5 months since I have checked in with any updates on our journey with Elimination Communication (EC).  For those of you who are new to this phrase, I would suggest you check out Part 1 and 2 before reading any further.  It will help fill you in and bring you up to speed :)

Looking back on our first year with EC, I am truly grateful to have been introduced to this, not so new, way of thinking.  Although I was skeptical at first, EC proved to be such a natural way of dealing with Harper’s elimination.  It has been an incredible gift to empower my daughter to stay in tune with her body and be able to recognize her own needs.  As she grows and matures, I can see our investment of time and consistency paying off.

Now that Harper is walking and talking, our experience with EC has graduated to a whole new level.  Harper will usually either say “poo- poo” or “pee-pee” when she has to use the restroom or walk in the bathroom herself.  I still need to lift her on and off the potty, but other than that, she does most of the initiating on her own.  She has even used the verbal cue for herself a few times :)  And when she is done she attempts to wipe herself, which is pretty darn cute!

Harper still wears a diaper when we leave the house, but will usually come home dry.  In order to support Harper in her attempt to be consistent with EC, I purchased the toilet seat shown above to use while we are out and about.  But being the germaphobe that I am I also picked up a pack of toilet seat covers that you put down before the seat.  That way when Harper is exploring the public toilet seats while she sits on the potty, she ends up just playing with the cover.  These have come in handy when we are out shopping in the stores, playing at the park or traveling on the road.  I have been very happy with this seat.  It works great and fits nicely in my diaper bag.  It even comes with a plastic bag so you can make sure it stays clean when you tote it around.

When we are at home, Harper still prefers to be naked.  In fact, if I do put a diaper on her she usually takes it off.  Sometimes she likes to wear her big girl pants.  Although they are still a bit big on her since the smallest size that I have been able to find them in is 18 months.  Harper will usually still wear a diaper when she sleeps, although most of the time she wakes up dry.  We have started to let her take naps without a diaper, and so far, she hasn’t had any eliminations in the bed.

My friend who is also practicing EC recently turned me on to EcaPants.  Not only are the products super cool, but the website is full of EC resources!  What excites me most about EcaPants is the smart design.  It is essentially a cloth diaper with an adjustable front belt that helps keep the pants secure around the waist while the front is dropped down in position for potting.  Having a hard time visualizing that?  Check out this cool demonstration.  It’s the perfect EC training pant!  I can’t wait to get my hands on a few :)

If I could, I would run out and tell every new mom I know about EC.  That’s how passionate I am about it.  It does take a lot of time and effort and being consistent can be hard at times, but looking back, it was, and continues to be a worthy investment.  The fact that Harper is in tune with her body, is able to communicate her toileting needs to us and has a positive relationship with the toilet makes this journey a success.  I look forward to continuing our EC journey as we learn and grow through the next stages.  Promise to keep you posted!

Your turn:  What’s your experience with EC?  Is your family full of “Potty” Animals?  Have you ever heard about EC before?  I would love to hear about your EC journey and am happy to answer any questions about ours.  

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4 thoughts on “It’s Potty Time!: Part 3

  1. Lauren says:

    So interesting! We introduced the potty at around 9 months, but we’re not doing EC — just early-start potty training. Nora will usually go on the potty if she needs to (we have her sit on it each time we change her diaper, or if she starts acting like she needs to go. She still doesn’t really tell us when she needs to go, though, so it’s a crapshoot (har). The thought of her napping without a diaper at this point freaks me out! She pees constantly, but she’s pretty good about pooping on the potty (usually).

    • inherchucks says:

      Thanks for sharing Lauren. That is how we started with Harper. The more we offered her the potty the more she would learn to hold her bladder. She prefers the toilet now. One thing that I didn’t know before starting this journey is that infants don’t fully empty their bladder. So, in the beginning, even after Harper would use the potty, she would turn around and pee again! So I would take her every 10 minutes or so once I became aware of it. Looking forward to hearing more of your journey. Good luck!

  2. Colette says:

    Yay! I started EC with Ellie B today and throughout the ya she made only 1 poopoo diaper and 3 peepers. ;) she has made 1 pee and 4 poops in the potty today on just the first day! Still having a hard time figuring out her pee cue, but…What a sense of accomplishment! Plus, she looks so cute while she’s making a potty and smiling, kicking her feet and giggling when I congratulate her at the end. ;) yes, I said its cute when she potties.
    I’m so excited to start and continue EC and that you’ve done it too so I can glean some knowledge from you! ;) thank you for your blog and the great links – keep rockin mommy! :D

    • inherchucks says:

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience Colette. Sounds like you are off to a good start. So glad that you are finding EC to be successful for you. I am very grateful for our EC journey. Keep up the good work :)

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