How is My Garden Growing…Now?

We are having such a wonderful time tending to our garden. This journey has been a great learning experience for us and has taught us to further appreciate the food that ends up on our table. It is amazing to watch tiny seeds evolve into edible plants with sunlight, water and a little TLC. Nature continues to boggle my mind.

It is hard to believe how far we have come since my first post

Things has been going quite well. We have successfully harvested lettuce, celery and most recently, carrots. They came up in some pretty interesting shapes…but still tasted great!

The rest of our original crops are still going strong. The Brussels are finally getting little sprouts! I am counting down the days until I can throw them into the oven and give them a good roast :) Practicing my patience on this one.

It’s definitely strawberry season. Juicy red fruit is popping up all over the place. And we aren’t the only ones who are excited about it. The birds have been attempting to raid our stash. So Freddie built a cage over our goods to protect them from unwanted visitors. Now our lovely luscious gems are safe and sound…at least until they hit our tummies!

I am most impressed by the corn. It sprouted so quickly! At this rate we will be enjoying sweet summer corn in no time…yum :)

The sugar snap peas are flourishing as well. Almost time to recreate this dish

And just when you thought we had enough stuff growing…Freddie surprised me by planting more! A few weeks ago, Harper and Freddie disappeared for a few hours to do some undercover planting. On my most recent visit to the garden I noticed that my two gardening fairies had planted some of my favorite fruits and veggies…watermelon, cantaloupe, zucchini, yellow squash and bell peppers. And so far, everything is looking fabulous!

So, as you can tell, our garden is growing pretty well! I am so grateful to my wonderful husband for supporting me in this venture. To be honest, he has done most of the work…with some help from Harper of course! She is turning out to be quite the little gardener. I continue to help out here and there but Freddie is the ultimate garden master. So, thanks babe! Couldn’t do it without you :)

Your turn: Have you ever started a garden? What were some of your most successful crops? Any secret tips you care to share? Looking forward to hearing your responses :)

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14 thoughts on “How is My Garden Growing…Now?

  1. Ashley Barnas says:

    Your garden is so beautiful! The shape of the carrots make me so happy.

  2. Those carrots are awesome! Who needs curly fries, when you have a curly carrot? :-) I remember the first time I saw Brussels sprouts on their stalk. It was definitely a moment that stopped me in my tracks. Love Brussels!

  3. Aunt Rosemary says:

    Those are some ninja mutant carrots.

  4. Aunt Rosemary says:

    Here’s a song for Harper. Freddie Mercer had a garden, ei ei o & in that garden he had some carrots ei ei o etc etc…. You take it from there.

  5. Lauren says:

    Lovely! You must have some rocky soil for those carrots to contort themselves so. ;)

  6. What a wonderful garden! OUrs is going well too, but you are way ahead and way moe ambitious!!! Congratulations!

  7. Angela says:

    I love your garden pictures! I tried a few herbs on a window sill, but they are half dead since my bf forgot to water them when I was away for a week. The basil’s hanging on for dear life, but I think the mint and parsley aren’t coming back.

    • inherchucks says:

      Thanks Angela :) Funny enough, I have always wanted an herb garden but was worried my herbs wouldn’t hold up. I owe it all to my hubby…he is teaching me so much. Hope you can revive those herbs…

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