Blueberry Picking

This past weekend, Freddie, Harper and I went blueberry picking with our neighbors.  Being an avid blueberry lover, I was in heaven.  Nothing but fresh blueberries all around me.  I learned so much about this delicate fruit, I now have an even greater appreciation for it (as well as a good understanding as to why they can be so pricey!).

Blueberry picking is a great family activity.  Not only do you get to stock up on fresh fruit of your choice, but you can eat your weight in blueberries in the process.  You only get charged for what lands in the bucket, not what ends up in your tummy.  And trust me, I took full advantage of it :)

Blueberries have never tasted so good.  With 12 different varieties of blueberry bushes, I was amazed at the wide range of flavors.  There were juicy ones, crunchy ones, sweet ones, flowery ones.  Each of us had our own favorite bush.

Blueberry picking is quite an art.  The key to a successful pick is to massage the clump gently, letting the ripe berries fall off into your hand.  The greener berries will usually stay on the stem, allowing them to mature and grow.  The best berries are picked ripe and enjoyed immediately.  Unfortunately, most blueberries that are store bought are picked when they are green and are left to ripen in the carton, leading to berries that are tart and sour tasting.

Even though Harper isn’t the biggest fan of blueberries, she had a blast running in and out of the rows of blueberry bushes.  She loved carrying the bucket around.  Not much went into, or stayed in the bucket, but regardless, she took her job very seriously.    

After a few hours of hard labor, we left with a TON of blueberries.  We even picked up some blueberry honey and pancake mix too!  I normally don’t cook or bake with my blueberries because they are just too delicious when eaten fresh, but with all of the blueberries that are currently sitting in my fridge, I will be whipping up some sort of blueberry concoction soon.  So stay tuned for a yummy blueberry inspired dish later this week :)

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24 thoughts on “Blueberry Picking

  1. christiana83 says:

    I always loved berry picking as a kid! We mostly picked the blackberries which grew wild in the park near us. But we also sometimes went to a farm for blueberries. My Grandmother tells me that her family once spent an entire summer surviving mostly on Blueberries. (Her father was a lumberjack in Northern Michigan, and that summer they didn’t have anything else to eat.)

  2. Adele says:

    Freeze those suckers! I usually freeze about 3-4 gallons of what I pick and then have them for smoothies and blueberry muffins year round. They are also a nice sweet addition to a mixed berry jam which I usually do once I’ve collected them all :)

  3. Curly Bug says:

    This looks really fun. Both of my boys are huge blueberry fans, we have two blueberry bushes in our yard but no blueberries this year.
    I am going to have to look around and see if we can find a u-pick blueberry farm, YUM.

  4. yum. A few more weeks and we’ll be picking (and freezing, and canning blueberry-maple syrup…. yum).

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  6. Rebekah Rae says:

    So much fun! I grew up with 12 blueberry bushes in my backyard, and am leaving for my parent’s tonight and I CANNOT wait to eat fresh blueberries tomorrow, and every day for the next week. Growing up with those bushes, I don’t really enjoy blueberries unless they are fresh. They’re great for freezing and then baking with in the middle of the winter when you can’t get them :)

  7. How wonderful! It looks like you had a great day on the farm. I have god memories of picking blackberries, but never blueberries. I bet they taste divine!

  8. Courtney says:

    Heather I LOVE this! I woke up this morning saying I wish I had blueberries so I could make pancakes. Harper is such an adorable little girl! I miss you all!

  9. bollychees says:

    Love your entry about blueberries! :)

  10. ellemarz says:

    MMMMM! I love blueberries too. We are going picking next week, I can’t wait!

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