Clean Eating: Day 10 & 11

Raise your hand if you are excited for the weekend (both of my hands are high in the sky!).  As a part-time stay-at-home mom, weekends don’t mean the same thing that they used to.  There is no more sleeping in or respite from work, but there is lots of family time and fun activities.  And that’s why I LOVE the weekends :)  Plus, it’s the conclusion of our Clean Eating Journey (for now).  Which means, I have successfully accomplished my goal.  Well, almost…

I have a confession to make.  I cheated.  And I’m not even going to make excuses about it.   But at least let me tell you what happened…Yesterday was rough day for me.  Harper is getting over a cold and hasn’t been sleeping well (poor baby, snotty nose and all).  I am a bit sleep deprived and apparently this was obvious to one of my girlfriends.  After running into her earlier in the day she told me that she wanted me to take a load off.  She insisted on coming by to bring me a little something to reward me for being such a good mom (very sweet).  At around 6, as I was preparing our dinner, she showed up with a fragrant, fresh and delicious meal, made just for us.  Pasta, salad, warm bread…I couldn’t resist.  And not only because it looked so yummy, but because it came from her heart.  And I deserve it.  Freddie was out with Harper at the garden so I sat down and enjoyed a plate by myself.  In silence.  Not something I get the chance to do much these days.  And it was just what I needed to get back on track.  I was refueled physically and emotionally.  I am so lucky to have friends that love and care about me.  Even if it means cheating on my meal plan :)

So now that I got that off my chest, here are my eats for the last few days…

1.  Breakfast:  Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal (1 cup cooked rolled oats, 1 apple, diced, 1 cup milk, t tbsp walnuts, dash of cinnamon)

2.  Snack #1:  1 pluot, 1 tbsp raw sprouted almonds

3 & 4.  Lunch:  1 1/2 cups Seven Layer Dip with 8 Fresh Tortillas Chips (recipe coming tomorrow), with 2 cups mixed greens dressed with 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar, 1 tsp flaxseed oil and 1/2 tsp honey

5.  Snack #2:  1 cup cottage cheese, 3 prunes (chopped), 1 tbsp ground flaxseeds

6.  Dinner:  Quinoa pasta with fresh tomato sauce, basil and grated pecorino cheese, sliced fresh mozzarella with balsamic vinaigrette and fresh basil,  sweet chicken and basil sausage,  sautéed broccolini with fresh herbs and a slice of multigrain bread with garlic olive oil spread.  Oh, and a small glass of Malbec :)

Highlights:  Of course the highlight of the day was the splurge.  It was nice to mix it up a bit.  It was also nice to have a break from the kitchen.  As much as I am enjoying myself with this clean eating journey, I feel like I’m in the kitchen 24/7.  Either preparing food, eating it or doing dishes.  And then it starts over again.  So having a chance to sit back and relax was lovely :)  Oh, and the food was divine!

Lowlights:  Not such a fan of the cottage cheese, chopped prunes combo.  Fresh fruit, yes.  Dried fruit, no.  And I LOVE dried fruit!  Just not hidden away in my cottage cheese.

1.  Breakfast:  1 cup kale and 1 cup sliced zucchini sautéed with 1 clove garlic (minced), 1/8 chopped red onion and 1/4 inch ginger (minced).  Tossed with 1 tbsp lemon juice, 1 tsp flaxseed oil and 1/2 teaspoon tamari.  Topped with 2 poached eggs.

2.  Snack #1:  1 slightly salted brown rice cakes topped with 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 mandarin

3.  Lunch:  Chicken Salad (4 oz chicken (chopped), 4 cups Romaine lettuce, 1 cup frozen peas and carrots (heated), 1/4 cup Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice, 1/2 tsp Dijon and 1/8 tsp each of onion powder, garlic powder and oregano.  1 slice Ezekiel bread toasted)

4.  Snack #2:  Vanilla Peach Smoothie (1 frozen peach, 1 cup milk, 2 tbsp vanilla whey powder)

5.  Dinner:  Tofu Stir Fry (8 oz super firm tofu sautéed with 1 clove garlic, minced, 1 tsp ginger, minced, 1/2 fennel bulb, trimmed and chopped, 2 cups chopped green cabbage, 1 sliced bell pepper topped with 1/2 tsp tamari served over 1/2 cup cooked brown rice)

Highlights:  The entire day was a highlight!  Each meal was better than the rest.  It’s hard to choose just one.  I will definitely be remaking these dishes and using them as staples in the future.

Lowlights:  Even though the poached egg tasted great, it was a bit overcooked.  I followed the “recipe” which told me to cook it for 3-4 minutes but it was obviously too long.  I have only made poached eggs once before (mostly because Freddie isn’t a fan of the runniness…my favorite part!) and I remember them coming out fine, but I don’t remember what source I used to instruct me.  I will be looking for a new method for my next try.  Suggestions welcome :)

I will be taking a break from posting my eats tomorrow so I can share the recipe for the Seven Layer Dip and Homemade Chips.  I can’t wait to give you all the details.  And just in time for the weekend :)  Stay tuned!  And Happy Friday!

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2 thoughts on “Clean Eating: Day 10 & 11

  1. Congrats on the conclusion of the journey and what a lovely way to cheat.

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