18 Months

Someone is growing up too fast!  Rockin’ her favorite pair of shades and munching on a fresh pluot like a big girl?  Yeah, little Miss Harper is too cool for school.  18 months is a major milestone for many toddlers.  This holds true for Harper as well.  She’s becoming quite independent…walking/running/marching all over the place, using her words to communicate her wants and needs, and singing like a canary (providing her own real life soundtrack to her daily activities).  She has become a great eater this past month (although momma’s milk is still a favorite option) and loves to feed herself using her own utensils.  Restaurants are no longer off-limits, as she will sit at the table using a booster seat, coloring her way through the meal with her crayons (which still sometimes end up in her mouth…”wucky!”).  In some ways, it’s hard to say goodbye to my baby girl (because, although I say it every month, she is officially no longer an infant), but she’s an awesome little toddler and I am having a blast hanging with my new buddy :)

Harper’s Firsts:

First Time Singing her ABCs:  Like I mentioned above, Harper LOVES to sing.  She pretty much sings throughout the day.  After singing the ABCs to her since she was in my tummy, this last month she started singing it all on her own.  It began with her chiming in here and there, but now she is to the point where she can go from start to finish without any help.  Guess all that repetition paid off :)

First Pair of “Church” Shoes:

Every little girl needs a good pair of “church” shoes (or party shoes).  Up until now, we would just put Harper in some fancy sneakers and call it a day.  But since she is getting around so well on her own, we decided to graduate her to a whole new level.  And for some reason, these shoes make her look so grown up!   It’s only a matter of time before she will want to wear them out to play (all little girls love playing in party shoes!), although I’m doing my best to save them for dressier occasions.

First “Baby”:  Harper has a ton of soft and cuddly stuffed animals that she likes to play with.  She has never shown an interest in adopting one as her “baby” until recently.  During the last month, she has decided that she won’t go to bed without her “baby”.  So who’s the lucky stuffed animal?

Baby Lenny the Lamb from Scentsy.  Thanks Auntie Koko for Harper’s new snuggle buddy :)

Harper’s Favs:

Favorite Toy:  As I mentioned last month, Harper LOVES to cook!  And now her hobby is getting a bit more serious thanks to her “Amma” who sent a Prepare and Share Kitchen Set by Step 2.  Complete with her apron, Harper is officially cooking up a storm :)

Favorite Song:  Now that Harper can sing her ABCs all by herself, I would say it has quickly become her favorite song.  She is so proud of herself that when she gets to the end she won’t even wait for her audience to applaud, she goes ahead and applauds herself.  Too cute!

Favorite Book:  Harper loves her “Amma” very much.  Unfortunately, Ireland is far away so Harper doesn’t get the chance to spend as much time with her “Amma” as she would like.  Skype has been a great way for my mom and Harper to interact.  My mom will often read books Harper who likes to watch and listen from the computer.  But story time with “Amma”  just got cooler.  My mom recently sent Harper a book from the Recordable Storybooks from Hallmark called All the Ways I Love You.  So now she can read with “Amma”  even when we aren’t on Skype.

Harper Knows…

It’s amazing how much our little ones are able to absorb.  Every moment is an opportunity for us to teach them about the world around us.  Since she was itty bitty, I would point things out to her, in hopes of helping her learn more about her environment.  Now, she is of the age where she likes to point things out to me.  Each time I marvel at all the new things she continues to pick up.

Colors:  Harper’s favorite color has always been yellow.  But now she seems to be interested in other colors too, especially red.  She likes to point out things that are red such as cars that drive by, crayons that she is coloring with, or shovels that she finds at the park.

Letters/Numbers:  Harper is always on the look out for letters and numbers.  Some of her favorites include “Y”, “X”, “T” and “H”.  She also has a thing for the number “5”.  We can’t pass a sign without her going over and attempting to point out the letters that she knows.  And the bigger the letters, the more exciting this game becomes (she LOVES the “Meat and Poultry” sign at Whole Foods…I can’t put in my order until we acknowledge the “E”, “T”, “U”, “O” and “Y”).

Shapes:  Puzzles (seen in this post), and shape sorters (seen here) have been a great way to teach Harper her shapes (and colors).  Squares, stars and circles seem to be the easiest to identify.  Harper has recently started to label shapes in other areas as well (in particular, a round thumbtack that was stuck into a picnic table).

Gratefulness doesn’t even begin to describe my appreciation for this little girl.  Love doesn’t seem like a big enough word to define how much I adore her.  The bigger she gets, the more my feelings for her grow.  The last 18 months have been one heck of a ride.  Thank you Harper for your unconditional love, infectious joy and overwhelming excitement.  Our family gets stronger everyday and life keeps getting better because you are here.

Happy 18 Month Birthday Baby!  Mommy and Daddy love you :)

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4 thoughts on “18 Months

  1. So cute!!! You remind me of the many pretend meals Ellie and I made at her Step 2 kitchen. Enjoy all those pretend play days–they go by so fast!

  2. naimavanswol says:

    she is so cute! congrats, mama!

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