What’s in the Box? #40


Break out the gag gifts, inflate a bunch of balloons and get the party favors ready, because What’s in the Box is Over the Hill!  That means I have drooled over, gushed about and enjoyed around 400 varieties of fruits and veggies during the last 9 months.  And each and every piece of produce has been divine!  The fun part about this milestone is, that like a good bottle of wine, as we move forward on this journey together, it is only going to get better :)  The more I receive fresh, local produce, the more I learn how to cook, enjoy and prepare it.  And now that I have you all partying with me…well, I have more ideas than I know what to do with!  So, WITB…40 is looking real good on you :)

Last week might have been a small turnout (compared to some of our recent parties) with 33 link ups, but each and every post was chock full of delicious CSA goodness.  And tomatoes stole the show!  Everything from Oven Roasted Tomatoes, Crepes a la Piperade, Vodka Sauce and Tomato Cobbler.  Truth be told, I wasn’t always a fan of tomatoes, but I’m definitely warming up to them.  And these recipes have me drooling over tomatoes now!  Thanks to everyone who participated in the link party last week.  I appreciate your continued support and creative ideas.

Now it’s time to check out the contents of my Over the Hill box…

Speaking of tomatoes…check out those yellow tomatoes.  I was stumped when I first saw them.  I have never encountered a tomato of that shape and the color made me think it was a pepper or other type of fruit.  So I had to take a bite out of one to make sure it was indeed a tomato.  Score!  I was on my way to the store to pick up some tomatoes for the rest of my meal plans this week and was happy to get some freshly picked ones instead.  Love when that happens :)

I was excited to see another bulb of elephant garlic again.  Although I still haven’t made my way through the last bulb.  Guess I will have to get on that or else I will have garlic coming out of my ears!

After a ton of pluots in my box this summer, I finally got my favorite variety…Flavor Granade Pluots.  I love the color and I love the flavor.  They make for such a yummy and refreshing snack, it’s hard to eat just one.  If I wanted to be naughty, I would make this tart.  Blows my crumble out of the water!

I am loving those little tiny grapes.  I almost didn’t think they were real.  They look like the plastic grapes you see used as decoration.  Harper and I grabbed a handful and gave them a try.  Crunchy and sweet!  I will have to look for this Red Flame variety in the future.

And while we are on the subject of grapes…these grapefruits look mighty nice!  There is nothing like a tart, juicy grapefruit to start your morning off right.  I find that it rounds out my meals with eggs quite nicely.  I will have to try my best to fit it into my meal plan this week.

As for the rest of the haul…The green beans and red bell peppers were cooked up tonight for lunches tomorrow.  Stay tuned for a clean eating post with details.  Expect to see the corn, carrots and Romaine lettuce in the next few days as well.  Lots of delicious and fresh meals on the horizon.

Your turn:  What are some of your favorite ways to use the fruits and veggies shown?  Any special recipe, tips or tricks you’d like to share?  Looking forward to reading your responses :)

Linking up for the first time?  Click here for more info…and Welcome!  PS:  Don’t forget to tell your readers about the party by linking back to this post.  Thanks!

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28 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #40

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  3. You know I believe that if you decide to try my plum tart (in the link party), that pluots would work absolutely fine instead of the plums. Watching all your beautiful fruit arrive makes me anxious for my baby plum trees to grow up and start producing!

    • inherchucks says:

      I saw that gorgeous tart after I posted…looks divine! I will definitely be giving it a try. How cool that you have your own tree. Lots of delicious desserts in your future :)

  4. I have a lot of garlic as well. Looking forward to seeing how others are using it! Happy cooking-Julie

  5. Lucy says:

    Such diversity in your box…coveting those grapes and pluots…in a nice way :)

  6. Lauren says:

    I always have fruit envy when I see your box!

  7. Lynn says:

    Happy 40th CSA Box! :) Looking forward to seeing how you cook your carrots…I’ve got quite a few I need to get rid of – was thinking of juicing them, but now I think they can hang out a few more days. ;)

    • inherchucks says:

      I wish I had a juicer. Love freshly juiced carrots :) I threw them in a stir fry with some zucchini, tofu and brown rice (recipe to come on tonights post). Nothing too fancy but they were delicious! What about some carrot cake cupcakes or carrot cookies? Recipes on my recipe page. Pretty darn delicious!

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  10. yukikobates says:

    Citrus in your box??? So jealous. Central Ohio is lucky just to have a winter CSA available! Thanks for stopping by. I will def link up with next week’s CSA delivery!

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  12. Melissa says:

    I have a question about this, what a cool idea by the way! When I link to this do I put a pic of whats in my box, or how I used the produce? Thanks! Soooo awesome! I’ve been wanting to post my box each week that I get it, love the idea.

    • inherchucks says:

      Thanks Melissa! All CSA related posts are welcome. How you use them, what you get, tips and tricks you want to share. It’s all good :) Let me know it you have any more questions. Looking forward to having you at the party!

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  14. Tammy says:

    Wow, where do you live that you get such a box? Grapefruit in August and pluots? That’s crazy.

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  16. Brigid says:

    Thanks for the invite! I linked up. Those pluots look delicious all on their own, but I have to say that fresh green beans are one of my absolute favorites. I like to steam them and then top with homemade peanut sauce. Delicious!

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