October Photo A Day Challenge: Day 1-7

I have recently become completely addicted a big fan of Instagram.  It all started with my clean eating journey (since it was an easy way to snap pictures of my food).  That experience made me realize that the quality of the camera on my phone, coupled with the cool effects of the app, makes for some pretty good pics!  And now I pretty much use it every day :)  So I figured, why not participate in a fun Photo Challenge?

I came across this Photo Challenge on Lindsay’s blog, The Lean Green Bean.  I love that it makes me accountable to work out, eat healthy and have fun.  Here is a little breakdown of the pics from this last week…

Day 1: Eat extra veggies at lunch–  On our mini-vacation last week we stopped by a delicious local Greek restaurant.  I ordered a delicious bowl of brown rice with beans, chicken, fresh tomato ‘n herb sauce, crumbled feta and veggies.  For my extra veggies I ordered a Greek salad topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted peppers, walnuts, parsley, onions, feta , grilled chicken and Kalamata olives.  Delish!

Day 2: Hold a wall sit as long as you can–  Since it’s not often that we have all three generations in town (my mom lives in Ireland) I decided to take advantage of the photo-op and had my mom and Harper join me for my wall sits.  They didn’t make it for the entire 2 minutes and 7 seconds, but they were around long enough for Freddie to snap a pic of our matching chucks :)

Day 3: Leave an operation beautiful note– Before starting this challenge I had never heard of operation beautiful.  I am so grateful to learn about this awesome idea (by far my favorite task yet).  I posted my operation beautiful notes on shopping carts, in public restrooms and around town.  It felt good to pass on such a positive message.

Day 4: Do as many burpees as you can in 1 minute– Oh, the dreaded burpee!  Always takes me back to soccer practice.  Been a while since I enjoyed some burpees but for one short minute I was willing to take the challenge.  I was impressed that I was able to complete 21 burpees in 60 seconds.  Yay me!

Day 5: Try a new vegetable– There is not a lot of vegetables that I haven’t tried.  However, okra is one that has been on my list for a while.  I tend to only eat the vegetables that grow locally and my climate is not favorable for growing okra.  But thanks to this challenge, I was forced to go to the grocery store and pick up a pound of okra.  I tossed it with some olive oil and salt, roasted it in the oven for 15 minutes on 450 degrees F and my new favorite vegetable was ready to be enjoyed.  I will definitely be picking up some more okra soon :)

Day 6: Do a tabata workout– A what?  I had no idea what a tabata workout was but thanks to Google I have discovered the best way to exercise in 4 minutes.  And believe it or not, I am still sore!  I can no longer use the excuse that I can’t find time to exercise.  I am pretty sure I can find 4 minutes in my busy day to get the job done.  Even if it means getting it in before sitting down to dinner.

Day 7: Go makeup free today.  You’re beautiful– Being a mom on the go, I rarely put on makeup anymore.  Funny enough, today was a day that I probably would have worn makeup (since we had a few birthday parties to attend).  But to stay true to the challenge I faced the world today without it.  And I still felt pretty :)

Wanna join me in the October Photo A Day Challenge?  Check out this post for more details…and feel free to follow me on Instagram (inherchucks) to keep up with the daily challenge.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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13 thoughts on “October Photo A Day Challenge: Day 1-7

  1. I love fried okra. We lived in the south when I was a kid … there was no escaping okra. p.s. DO NOT try it stewed with tomatoes. Okra has a snot goo that is super gross this way. p.p.s. I love this list of stuff! I might just start late and go through them myself.

    • inherchucks says:

      You should totally do it! lots of folks are jumping on the bandwagon. so fun :) plus, ill get a sneak peak cause i follow you on instagram already…

      ps: thanks for the tips on okra…snot goo noted :)

  2. cathyo says:

    I’ve never heard of Tabata. It sounds interesting…and if it only takes 4 minutes it would,be hard to find and excuse not to get the workout in! I’m going to have to check it out.

  3. I’m joining late, but I just joined the challenge. Fun!

  4. […] joining In Her Chucks on the photo-a-day October challenge. This picture accounts for all of the days that I missed, […]

  5. naimavanswol says:

    I am loving see all your photos on instagram!

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