October Photo A Day Challenge: Day 15-21

Three weeks into Lindsay’s October Photo A Day Challenge and I am still having a blast!  Last week was filled with lots of delicious food, some beautiful views and quality time with the ones I love most.  This challenge is great for many reasons.  For one, it encourages me to make good choices, gives me a moment to reflect and most of all fosters creativity.  This challenge also helps to confirm my addiction to Instagram.  But that’s ok, it’s good, clean fun :)  Here’s a glimpse at what last week looked like…

1. Day 15: Go vegetarian for the day!- Being the meat lover that I am, this was definitely the biggest challenge yet.  But luckily, I was able to find some delicious meals that filled me up and left me satisfied.  I also took it upon myself to eat veggies at every meal (which really was only a challenge for breakfast).  I started my day with a Swiss Chard Smoothie, enjoyed a Lentil Flatbread Pizza with a huge salad for lunch and a black bean burger topped with avocado and a side of raw carrots for dinner.  Overall I felt pretty good, but I was eager to get back to my meat-eating ways.

2. Day 16: Let me see you sweat!- With the extreme heat that has been hanging around lately, I didn’t have to do much to get the sweat going.  The temps got up to 88 degrees!  So needless to say the idea of exercising outside was completely undesirable.  However I did have the pleasure of chasing a toddler around the house (which should be awarded with extra points…)

3. Day 17: Call a family member just to chat- I can remember the days when I used to spend hours on the phone.  But now that I am a full-time mommy, an interrupted phone call is more of a luxury.  But I can always find time to make a quick call to my mom in Ireland just to say hi!

4. Day 18: Buy a new healthy snack to try- Being a self-appointed product tester, there is not a lot of food out there that I haven’t tried.  But thanks to this daily prompt, I was forced to scour the stores for snacks that have yet to meet my palette .  These Just Mango organic dried snacks are super amazing!  I ate the entire bag before I got home from the store and went back the next day for a new bag and did the exact. same. thing.  Addicted much?  Anyways, these will definitely remain in my hourly daily snack rotation!

5. Day 19: Go for a walk at lunch!-  Back when I was working full-time, I used to LOVE lunch time walks.  It was a great way to sneak in some exercise and enjoy the fresh air.  But now that I am a mommy, sitting down to eat lunch is pretty important.  Because hungry babies and mobile food don’t really mix.  Especially when the special of the day is spaghetti.  So Harper and I decided to eat our lunch at home and then venture out for a walk.  Since it was a bright and sunny day we went down to the beach to walk along the bluffs.  It was the perfect day for an afternoon stroll.

6. Day 20: Have a treat!- Ever since my Clean Eating Journey, I have been doing my best to stay away from sweets.  And I have been doing fairly well (except for a minor slip up).  So I was very excited to enjoy a treat that would satisfy my sweet tooth.  These little donuts are called aebleskivers and they are absolutely sinful!  We ventured up north for a day trip and couldn’t resist picking up a fresh batch topped with jam and powdered sugar.  Divine… 

7. Day 21: Park father away today- I’ll admit it, during my everyday shopping adventures, I ALWAYS park as close to the entrance of the store as possible.  Between carting a toddler around on my hip and/or being in a hurry, it’s the easiest way to get my errands done.  So this prompt was a nice reminder to take advantage of moments when you can slip in some extra exercise into your daily routine.  I had my hubby park as far away as possible so we could reap the most benefit :)

Wanna join me in the October Photo A Day Challenge? Check out this post for more details…and feel free to follow me on Instagram (@inherchucks) to keep up with the daily challenge.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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4 thoughts on “October Photo A Day Challenge: Day 15-21

  1. proud of you for trying the vegetarian for a day!

    • inherchucks says:

      Thanks Lindsay! It forced me to think outside the box and get creative. Looking forward to trying your lentil pot pie soon…which might possibly inspire another veggie day :)

  2. That’s awesome that you gave vegetarian eating a try for the day. I give vegetarians the biggest props in the world because I don’t think I could ever give up meat fully.

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