October Photo A Day Challenge: Day 22-31

Four weeks into Lindsay’s October Photo A Day Challenge and I am sad to say, it is over.  31 pictures, 19 plates of food, 9 workouts, a few encouraging notes, 1 sleeping baby, a very clean house and a bouquet of fresh flowers later, and I have come to realize that taking pictures has never been so fun :)  I am grateful to have had the chance to participate in this activity.  I learned a lot, ate a lot and am still store from my planks.  Thank you Lindsay for keeping October exciting :)

So what have I been up to lately?  Let’s check out what the last few days of the year’s spookiest month looked like…

1.  Day 22: Hand write a letter to a friend-  My mom always taught me the importance of writing a thank you note.  Nowadays, with the convenience of emails and text messages it’s not as common to send or receive hand written notes anymore.  However I do my best to keep up the tradition and do my part in keeping the USPS to stay in business.  Besides, it’s always fun to pick out a cute card from Papyrus ;)

2.  Day 23: Eat some roasted vegetables-  Roasting veggies is by far my favorite way to eat any and all vegetables.  Plus, it’s super easy!  And when fall hits, all I want to do all day is roast Brussels sprouts.  Paired with a simple chicken breast and some couscous, lunch turned out to be the best meal of the day! 

3.  Day 24:  Do 100 lunges before breakfast-  I might have cheated on this one just a bit.  But only because I didn’t have anyone around to take pictures of me.  I attempted to snap a few pics myself but they weren’t turning out how I wanted them to look.  And since this is a photo challenge, presentation was important to me.  So I had Freddie take a picture of me doing lunges at 1am…which I am pretty sure still qualifies for the “before breakfast” part since my first meal of the day is only a few hours away…

4.  Day 25: Pack a healthy snack for a friend-  Harper and I love packing yummy snacks to take to the park.  And when we are meeting friends, its always fun to make sure you have enough food to share.  After a few slides on the jungle gym, Harper and her buddy Adrian sat down for a few bites of apples and carrots.  Sharing is caring.  (ps: this photo was a winner in the daily challenge….go me!)

5.  Day 26:  Tell someone why you love them-  I do my best to shower Freddie with lots of love and encourage on a daily basis.  But for this challenge I decided to take it to a new level.  Using PicMonkey, I created a keepsake for him where I wrote all the things I love about him on one of his favorite family pictures.  That way he can look at it regularly and be reminded of why he is the man of my dreams…

6.  Day 27: Eat a vegetable with breakfast-  I LOVE eating veggies for breakfast.  But often times my appetite takes a while to gear up in the mornings.  So, to make sure I got a good, large serving of veggies, I turned to some fresh juice.  Beets, carrots, spinach, celery and cucumber packed into 16 oz of delicious goodness.  A great way to get your day started on a right foot.

7.  Day 28: Try a set a new plank PR today!-  Similar to day 24, I had to take a rain check until I had a photographer handy.  So tonight, after Harper was in bed, I set a new plank PR in the comfort of my living room.  I don’t know if it is truly a personal record, but it’s been a while since I have done a plank.  So 1:58 felt pretty good to me.

8.  Day 29: Make cookies with 2 healthy substitutes-  Since starting on my clean eating journey, I have wanted to experiment with some healthy substitutions for making my favorite sweets.  I was so glad to finally have a good excuse to whip up a batch of “healthy” cookies.  I took a basic cookie recipe and replaced the sugar with agave, added 2 cups of pureed black beans instead of the flour and used mashed bananas instead of butter.  The result?  Well, I ate 4 cookies straight out of the oven.  Does that tell you anything? 

9.  Day 30: Try a new recipe-  I love to try new things in the kitchen.  It keeps things interesting and fun.  After collecting a ton of apples on our apple picking trip, I decided to make Freddie his favorite dessert…an apple crumble.  The recipe was given to me by my neighbor.  It was her mom’s special recipe and boy is it delicious!  Top it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you are in pure heaven.

0.  Day 31: Snap a pic of something beautiful-  There is nothing more beautiful to me than my daughter (but them again I am totally biased).  Especially when she is sleeping.  She reminds me of a little cherub.  So peaceful and serene.  I love waking up to her sweet face every morning.  It is the best way to start my day :)

Wanna check out what other’s were doing during the October Photo A Day Challenge?  Search #liveleaneatgreen on instagram to view all the pics.

Happy November!


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10 thoughts on “October Photo A Day Challenge: Day 22-31

  1. i’m so happy you enjoyed it!!

  2. Oh, 100 lunges before breakfast! You are brave!

  3. Great pictures; I can see why you won. And 1:58…damn, that’s an impressive plank.

  4. Great pics! Wow 100 lunges before breakfast? That takes discipline:)

  5. christiana83 says:

    wow, I really admire your discipline! I love the photos, too.

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