20 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #52

  1. Thank you, Heather!
    I’ve linked up another ‘how to make stock’ soup this week, Silken Turnip Soup, because I usually make it with the farm share turnips to eat the night before Thanksgiving. I’m going to try The Healthy Project’s fennel broth sometime, as this soup could be vegan with 2 easy changes.

    I’ve been posting a daily gratitude attitude on FB, but I’d have to say I’m grateful that my family will be together for the holiday. No special traditions, it’s all about the food (I talk about Thanksgiving in my mashed potato casserole I also linked up) but it’s nice to be together this year.

    I’m curious about your dragon fruit. I have 2 quarts of small pears, and still need to make and put up the pear butter I’m dreaming about.

    • inherchucks says:

      Pear butter sounds awesome! I’m just getting into different kinds of butters. My current favorite is mango…not homemade though.

      Thanks for linking up and sharing all your delicious recipes and helpful tips. That soup sounds like the perfect autumn treat.

      Happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. Holla, Holla!
    And your box continues to amaze me: pears, gocki, potatoes, and OH MY WORD, that dragon fruit. It’s almost too pretty to eat. Those colors are amazing. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.
    Good luck with your pear tart. It sounds delicious. I’m going to make a pizza with mine using this recipe: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/pear_blue_cheese_flatbread.html.
    Your potato peeler story had me laughing because the exact same thing happened to me and lo and behold, I got a new potato peeler for Christmas that year.
    P.S. I got a “pingback,” on my site which is cool, but I don’t really know what it is. Any chance you’ll enlighten me?

  3. omfreakingawd … you get dragonfruit in your CSA box??? wow. lucky California girl

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  5. Ayanna Johnson says:

    Has it allready been a year since you started your blog?!! Wow, time flies! I have so enjoyed reading all of your posts and drooling over your CSA boxes!

  6. Aunt Rosemary says:

    I’m reliving the potatoe peeler story. Remember Uncle Ang was always the potatoe masher. Have a Happy Thanksgiving & a safe trip. Love GG & UncleAng

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  8. Brigid says:

    I’ve never had dragon fruit! I will be interested to see what you do with it. I agree with you on Brussels sprouts. I always thought I hated them until I had them roasted. Love! As for traditions, this is my first Thanksgiving as a married lady and our second away from our family/hometown. His brother is coming to visit, but I’m still not entirely sure what our plan is for the meal. I’m a vegetarian, as you know, and will not be cooking a turkey, so I’m a little concerned about the meal, to be honest.

  9. naimavanswol says:

    i seriously think you have the best CSA boxes i have ever seen.

  10. Just in case you don’t have enough pumpkin recipes, I added my soup baked in a pumpkin. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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