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2013 started off with a bang.  We moved into a new house, had family in town to visit, got hit with a stomach virus, recorded a CD and traveled to Disney World.  All on top of our regularly scheduled lives.  So needless to say, we have been busy.  Which means my blog (and blogging activities) have taken a back seat this month.  But I did my best to participate in Big Green Parenting Experiment’s Photo Challenge when I could.  It’s one of my favorite things to do and although I wasn’t able to meet the requirements 100% this month, I wasn’t going to let all of that craziness get in the way of sharing the few pics I was able to capture (ps: I may have cheated a bit too…and by cheating I mean, post dating pics).  Looking forward to keeping up in February :) (so far so good…)

1.  Day 1: Resolution–  Clean Eating is an ongoing resolution for me.  I was successful in completing some strict Clean Eating meal plans in 2012 and am looking forward to continuing to alter my habits in 2013.

2.  Day 2: Defines Me–  Family, Chuck Taylors, and the color blue are three things that define me.  So what better way to capture that then with a pic of a family of blue chucks :)

3.  Day 3: My Passion–  I have always had a strong love for teaching music to children.  However, after seeing the difference that music has made in Harper’s life, I have become even more passionate about sharing the joy of music with others.

4. Day 4: Where I Live–  One of our favorite things about the new house is the yard.  Harper and I can spend hours in the back playing in the sand, going down the slide or driving around the cozy coupe.

5. Day 6: Weakness–  If there is one thing that has forever had a hold on me it is Pralines n’ Cream ice cream from 31 flavors.  It is pretty much heaven in a cup with chocolate sprinkles.

6.  Day 7: Guilty Pleasure–  I love to people watch and am known to stare at folks in public.  So reality shows allow me to satisfy my people watching without embarrassing my husband (oh, and for the record, he like the Kardashians too!)

7.  Day 10: I Am Going…-  to record my first children’s CD.  2013 has brought about some amazing milestones already.  After a little over a year of running my own music classes, I am excited to share my favorite sing along songs with my students and friends.

8.  Day  12: How I Roll–  After nearly 2 years of wanting to be carried wherever we go, Harper is finally becoming interested in her stroller.  We love venture out on walks in the neighborhood and shop for groceries, search for trucks and pick up lunch.

9.  Day 13: Daytime–  Whenever the clouds part and the sun shines through, I hear my grandmother say, “That’s what it is going to look like when Jesus comes”.  And whether or not you believe in her words, you can’t deny the beauty of the bright sun gleaming down through a pack of fluffy clouds.

10.  Day 16: Evening–  Evenings are all about bedtime routines at our house.  Dinner, bath, brush teeth, bed.  Harper loves to wind down in the tub with her bubbles while she sings a few tunes and plays with her toys.

11.  Day 17: I’ve Been…- Hanging out with a bunch of adorable toddlers.  Harper and I love having mamas and babies over for play dates.  Nothing makes me happier than watching Harper create friendships.

12.  Day 18: Goal–  I have never been one to travel but after visiting Epcot, I now have a goal to go to Japan and Morocco.  I love the architecture and can’t wait to eat the food :)

13.  Day 19: Saturday–  This time of year we have a lot of birthday parties to attend.  So Saturdays are usually spent with friends, eating cake, and running around the park with balloons.

14.  Day 20: My Job–  Like I mentioned above, I am so grateful to be able to teach music to children.  Dancing like no one is watching, singing my heart out and playing peek-a-boo with colorful scarves makes every class a blast.

15.  Day 22: I Am...-  In love with this lamp.  I definitely have a thing for light fixtures and Moroccan inspired design.  And no, I am not just saying that because I saw it.

16.  Day 24:  Watching–  I thought singing my first commercial when I was 3 was pretty young to be in the studio but Harper has me beat.  There is nothing I love more than watching my little girl sing her beautiful songs.

17.  Day 25:  Looking Forward–  I misread the prompt on this and thought it said moving forward…so I took a picture of the Disney monorail moving forward.  Nice reminder of our trip though :)

18.  Day 25: Authentic–  I am not much of a juice drinker.  Mostly because the juice you buy at the store is chock full of junk like sugar and pesticides.  But when Freddie and I make fresh, authentic, orange juice at home, there is no better way to start your day.

19.  Day 27: My Colors–  I am a bit obsessive compulsive about organizing Harper’s closet.  I like to keep the colors in order so it resembles a rainbow.  Not only does it look pretty but it makes it easier to find things.

20.  Day 30: Wish–  I wish I had a pet  hippo.  They look so cuddly and adorable.  Harper and I have decided that he can live in our bathtub.  Still waiting on Freddie to tell us if we can have one for real…

21.  Day 31: Something You Should Know About Me– I have a brand.  When I was in college I joined a sorority and one of their traditions is to brand their inner thigh.  It is a wonderful reminder of the incredible women that I am blessed to call my sisters.

Photo Challenges are a great way to document your life throughout the year.  With new and creative prompts it challenges you to think outside the box and see life from a new perspective.  I clearly have an addiction to them and I am not ashamed to admit it :)

Wanna get in on the action? Check out this post for more details…and feel free to follow me on Instagram (@inherchucks) to keep up with the daily challenge.

PS:  Congratulations to Liz from The Lambent Life for winning the Conscious Box Giveaway!  And a big thank you to everyone who participated.  Stay tuned for another exciting giveaway coming in a few weeks.

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10 thoughts on “January Photo A Day Challenge

  1. I laughed when I saw your guilty pleasure! I don’t have cable, but probably for the best as I would be glued to Lifetime and Bravo for the stimulating and educational offerings ;-)

  2. I love reading these posts, Heather. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. I love the family sneaker shot, but I also have a soft spit in my heart for shoes. :)

  4. sk says:

    Love this! (FYI – I keep my own closet in rainbow order, including my collection of chuck taylors!)

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