32 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #65

  1. lisa fine says:

    I’m still making plenty of soup. We live in Vermont and winter seems kind of never-ending! (It’s snowing right now, actually.) :)

    Love that you got Brussels sprouts and lots of fruit in your share. Such a treat.

  2. Heather,
    Thanks for hosting!
    I cannot believe you walked out of Target without buying anything with those magical red stickers on it. If I am in the store, my body propels me to the clearance end caps without conscious thought. Sometimes I score–I got a Ball Blue Book of Canning on clearance last fall (who puts that on clearance? It’s timeless!).

    I was just reading Outstanding In The Field and saw a recipe for a pea pesto–that may be good with English peas.

    I hope you like the Panade–my folks are visiting and mom loved it, too.

    I’m linking up some meaty recipes today. First, because today is Pi day, a pasty (the kind you eat not wear). Second, meatloaf that my kids did the math on to find out that, in fact, I don’t even have 50% meat in my meatloaves. Oops. Last, because it’s green and pretty and tasty too, a Turkey Spinach Pesto Pizza.

    We had an unexpected defrosting of the fruit and veg freezer so I’m using some thawed fruits to make a blueberry and peach crumb pie today for our Pi day dessert. Wish me luck!

  3. I’m allllllllll too familiar with the Target love/hate relationship. Overall, it’s mostly a love, though. :)

  4. happy momma says:

    My Father would say “if you got bok choy, make chicken bok choy chow!” It is a recipe that he has made up. He sautes the bok choy with a little garlic and onion and throws in some chicken and seasons it all up nice and serves it over steamed rice. I would think that ginger and soy maybe some rice wine vinegar would go well in it. I don’t think that he really makes is the same way twice. It looks like a yummy box this week.

  5. I think the Target obsession must run in the Bahler/Mercer family… I can’t go in there without spending $50 EVER! And now that we don’t have one in Alaska, I spend WAY more than that!

  6. adelewayah says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m a little jealous of your citrus fruit. I think our citrus is pretty much done this year already :( I’m not sure what other types of fruit there are in Arizona, but we shall see- heading out to get my second box this afternoon!

  7. Panade is news to me, too, and with a vegetarian boyfriend this looks like a perfect meal! As for Target…when I moved to Texas from New Jersey, I used to go to Target and simply hang out, because Target is Target everywhere and it helped alleviate a little bit of my homesickness. We find comfort in the strangest places sometimes… :)

  8. I have the same exact problem with Target!

  9. […] out the other CSA deliciousness people got this week over at In Her Chucks link […]

  10. Such amazing stuff. I could get lost looking at pictures of your produce box. By the way, I made the tomato basil bisque and it was delicious. Thank you.

  11. travels with mary says:

    hurray for brussels sprouts!! we got some out here in Ohio, too!

  12. I have a very similar relationship with Target :P

  13. saltedplates says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with target. If you get your rx’s filled and have their pharmacy rewards card you can get a coupon for 5% off every 5 rx’s you fill. Has definitely been helpful although its still a rare day that I get out of target with a bill under $100

  14. sk says:

    Ughhh! I spend so much money at Target! For me, it’s always a situation where I find a tank top or a tee that fits really well and since they come in 10 colors, I feel compelled to buy it in 10 colors. Justifying it by saying “How often do I find something that fits me this well?!”

    Anyway! Thanks for hosting – I linked three recipes, a spinach stuffed salmon, a pad thai with a CSA box spin on it, and chicken and carrot stew!

    • inherchucks says:

      Sounds delicious! I will have to head on over to your blog and check out those recipes for myself.

      As far as Target goes, the one thing I have going for me is that my OCD will not allow me to buy more than one of anything. I need to have the variety. So it limits the quantity that ends up in my cart. But then I justify buying more things because I only get one of each…

  15. That happens to me at Target too! I just look down and have no idea how that cute scarf/disposable electric toothbrush/Thomas O’Brien bowl/box of Swiffers/salad spinner got in my basket! Thankfully, it’s not easy to get to Target in NYC :-)

  16. […] it out! This post has been entered into What’s In The Box recipe link party at In Her […]

  17. […] it out! This post has been entered into What’s In The Box recipe link party at In Her […]

  18. […] it out! This post has been entered into What’s In The Box recipe link party at In Her […]

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