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In my next life I want to be a crafter.  I have a great love for it, I just lack the time.  Luckily I satisfy most of my “DIY” cravings by perusing Pinterest and Etsy, gawking at all the unique and amazing homemade creations.  There is so much good stuff out there, it can be hard to know where to start.  Thanks to Dottiebox, I am able to enjoy some of the best in homemade goods delivered straight to my doorstep for only $20/month.  Sounds like an awesome deal, right?

Check out what arrived in my first Dottiebox…

Dottiebox Goodies - In Her Chucks

Dottiebox LLC Hazelnut Latte Lip Balm–  I LOVE lip balm.  I take it wherever I go, and if I forget it, I pick up a pack at Target.  Or I can plan ahead and stock up on this deliciously smelling Hazelnut Latte Lip Balm.  This stuff has definitely taken my addiction for soft lips to a whole new level.  I find myself applying it to my lips even when they aren’t dry because I love the smell so much.  It makes me feel like I just devoured a naughty dessert that left my lips feeling silky and smooth :)  Heaven.

Sharee Boutique’s Quality Cosmetic Hair Chalks–  Did I ever mention that I used to have pink hair?  It was a while ago but I got in pretty big trouble for it (a teenage mistake that I neglected to run by my mom).  Anyways, now you can enjoy the excitement of colorful hair without the commitment (or the punishment).  Sharee Boutique’s Hair Chalks are vibrant and beautiful but are also temporary.  And I love the variety of colors they offer.  I think I’ll go with teal this time.

Make it Stick Mustache Nail Decals–  Mustache’s are all the rage.  And these nail decals take the trend to a whole new level.  But Make it Stick doesn’t stop there.  They have chevron, bow ties, and my favorite, stars.  I love how easy they are to add to your most colorful manicure or to jazz up a nude nail.

1love Candles (‘Butt Naked’ Scent Votive Candle)-  The aroma of a fragranced candle can either make me sick or make me smile.  This candle did the latter.  The fresh scent of this candle takes me away to a special place.  Sweet, clean and light, it’s the perfect candle to warm up your home and set the mood for a relaxing evening.

Jen Ramey Designs Two Tone Wine Charms–  My mom always taught me to never show up to someone’s house for dinner empty handed.  So I am always on the hunt for cute and thoughtful hostess gifts.  And these fit the bill.  Whether you are purchasing them for a friend or for yourself, Jen Ramey Designs has a variety of wine charms to choose from.  I love this idea of his and hers.  In my home, I am the only one who drinks wine (and my wineglasses happen to be stemless) but I can see how these would come in handy for a couple (possibly a pair of newlyweds…)

Baby Off the Hook Coffee Cup Cozy–  Ever since Conscious Box encouraged me to live more consciously in 2013, I have been successful in utilizing my reusable straw and reusable hand towel on a regular basis.  So adding a reusable coffee cup cozy to the list is a perfect way to reinforce my resolution.  Plus, it’s way cuter than those disposable ones anyways.  And for only $6 a pop, I could easily justify picking them up in a few colors (just don’t tell my husband…).

Pretty sweet box of goodies!  Want one for yourself?  Test your luck in Dottiebox’s giveaway.  Not one to gamble?  Then subscribe today for only $20/month and be inspired by a variety of beautiful homemade goods.

*Full Disclosure: Dottiebox did provide me with a box free of charge. I was not paid to write this post. With exception of some of the factual information given about the various products, all opinions regarding the products are my own and 100% honest.

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10 thoughts on “Dottiebox

  1. kokostanley says:

    Adorable!!! I LOVE those wine charms! And the lip balm, genius

  2. Aunt Rosemary says:

    I’m ready for the hair chalk. I could look like a “winner” on Wednesdays. GG

  3. Jen Ramey says:

    Thanks so much for your awesome review on the box and my wine charms! :)

  4. How fun! What a great idea!

  5. What an adorable idea! Love getting homemade stuff and for $20 that’s a great deal! I love, love, love, the coffee cup cozy!

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