13 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #75

  1. Heather,
    Those snap peas are so pretty! I recently got a recipe for turnips and snap peas from my old CSA farmers, if you ever get both at the same time let me know and I’ll dig it up for you. It looked delicious.
    I’m impressed with you blogging on the road, complete with photos. I’m sure cooking a lot (having a box full of greens and only 1 eater in the house who loves greens–composting pigs are now wheeking indignantly that they were not counted in the census–means that I’m scrambling for ways to use my greens) but I have more words in my head that need to come out.
    Today I’m linking up a lovely use for some of that parsley, and mint if you’ve got it, and carrots, and lettuce: Chicken Adobo Summer Rolls. (You also need to make my Crock Pot Chicken Adobo, too, minor detail, that recipe was my 11th post ever, and I’ve been sitting on these rolls since). It’s a great summer meal because using the slow cooker keeps your kitchen cool, and rolling up the meat, herbs, and veggies into fresh bundles keeps you cool as well.
    I’m also (drumroll) linking up the 6 months in the making post that all started with your Cherry Tomato Pesto recipe. You’ve heard me rave about it, a lot? Yeah, well, last fall after I first tried your recipe I used the tomatoes I had (4 kinds) with the fresh–and frozen–green leafys I had (3 kids) with the nuts I had (2 kinds) to make many batches of fresh tomato pesto. Then I put them up in my freezer, and used them over the winter. They did great! So I’ve written it all up in one monster How to Make, Use, and Put Up Fresh Tomato Pesto post. All thanks to you, Heather!
    Last, and very least because all of that months-in-the-making stuff wore me out, a simple pizza using Fresh Mozzarella and Fresh Tomato Pesto.

    Thanks for hosting, and enjoy your weekend!

    • inherchucks says:

      So glad you are taking the tomato pesto recipe and running with it. Love how you are always coming up with new and improved ways to recreate dishes. Keeps things exciting around here.

      Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  2. Melissa says:

    Heather, everything looks fantastic! I’ve just started doing an almond milk/strawberry/kale smoothie in the morning that I absolutely love. Have fun this weekend!

  3. saltedplates says:

    I am looking forward to some snap peas in my next box. I think I am going to roast them with hunny.

  4. I really wish I could offer a CSA membership. For now the farmers market has to do it for me!

  5. […] now that we’re talking about CSAs again, don’t forget to skip on over to In Her Chucks to see what some other folks are getting in their shares and what they are doing with […]

  6. That looks delicious! I am so glad we began our CSA this week – makes me a little less jealous :-)

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