Musical Mondays

Research has shown that babies, from fetus to toddler, respond intuitively to music.  As an early childhood music educator there is nothing more rewarding than sharing my love for music with babies and their parents.  Music is one of the most critical areas in early childhood education.  It enhances development in so many different areas.  I look forward to sharing the numbers benefits with you on a weekly basis.

Musical Mondays #1:  Benefits of Baby Music

Musical Mondays #2:  Keep the Beat!

Musical Mondays #3:  Massage and Tickle Rhymes

Musical Mondays #4:  Action Rhymes/Beat Activities

Musical Mondays #5:  Floor and Chair Games

Musical Mondays #6:  Circle Dances

Musical Mondays #7:  Grab Your Instruments

Musical Mondays #8:  Movement with Scarves

Musical Mondays #9:  Sing a Song!

Musical Mondays #10:  Lullabies

Musical Mondays #11:  The Magic of Music

Musical Mondays #12:  Hello Song

Musical Mondays #13:  Listening Ears

Musical Mondays #14:  Starting Early

Musical Mondays #15: Favorite Baby Music

2 thoughts on “Musical Mondays

  1. As a music teacher – I love this page! Glad you have this out there :)

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