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What’s in the Box? #24

Happy May everyone!  Can you believe we are nearly halfway through 2012?  Crazy, huh?  Time is a tricky thing.  That is why I do my best to live in the moment, and enjoy where I am right now.  And Wednesdays are always good to me.  Nothing puts a smile on my face more than a fresh box of produce.  Because in case you haven’t noticed, I am a huge nerd when it comes to fruits and veggies, and yes, my day is made by the sight of this lovely goodness.

I want to thank all of my link party participants from last week :)  We had 11 bloggers join in.  That’s the most we have ever had.  I love how we are growing!  Let’s see if we can top that for #24 :)

New to the link party?  Check out the guidelines here.

Guess it’s my turn to gush…

A lovely rainbow of vitamins and nutrients.  Definitely most excited about the strawberries.  I have been on a recent kick of belgium waffles with homemade whipped cream topped with sliced strawberries for breakfast.  Don’t mind me while I indulge.  It’s a habit I picked up when I was little.  My family and I used to enjoy brunch on Sundays at a local beach club and this was by far my favorite item at the buffet.  And I have to say, Trader Joe’s makes a mean batch of frozen Belgium waffles.  Makes it an easy treat!  And while we are on the subject of breakfast, did you happen to see the size of those spring onions?  Biggest I have ever seen!  They smell delicious and will be the perfect addition to Freddie’s morning eggs.  Wouldn’t those pixie tangerines and star ruby grapefruits make a mean fresh juice to serve alongside our breakfast of champions?  Yeah, I think I just kicked it up a notch…

Mashed potatoes anyone?  I feel a delicious dinner coming on using those Yukon gold potatoes and that lovely rainbow chard and possibly the stir fry mix as well.  Now to figure out the protein.  I am still kind of loving the whole lamb idea.  I might just have to find a few more recipes to add to my repertoire.

And then there is our ever loyal lettuce.  As I mentioned before, sometimes salads can get old…quick.  So I am constantly thinking of new and creative ways to use my lettuce.  This week…I got nothing.  Although lettuce always works great for a garnish on a sandwich or burger.  Not the most fancy or exciting choice, but it will do.  Because just in case you didn’t know…lettuce doesn’t freeze well.  And yes, I tried it.  Back in college.  I was an amateur and was doing my best not to waste.  Just thought I would pass that bit of info along.  True story.

The cauliflower?  Already gone.  Demolished.  Loved it!  My new favorite way to eat it is to roast it.  And it turns out divine.  Wish it could have stuck around a little longer but my belly had other plans.  For dessert?  I am in the mood for some beet cake.  It has been too long since I reunited with my old friend.  And I think it is time that my beet cake makes a comeback.  Already drooling.

Your turn:  What are some of your favorite ways to use the fruits and veggies shown?  Any special recipes, tips or tricks you’d like to share?  Looking forward to hearing your responses :)

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What’s in the Box? #12

Happy February everyone!!  This is the most exciting month for our family.  For one, it is the month Freddie and I met almost 8 years ago.  Second, this is the month when Freddie and I got married, three years ago.  And finally, February is the month when Harper was born into this world.  Can’t believe she is almost 1!  Only a few more weeks.  In the meantime, Freddie and I have been busy planning and coordinating her party.  It is going to be a blast!  But more about that later.  Now, onto the fruits and veggies!

Ladies and gentlemen, we got another 70’s box!  Gotta love those orange, brown and green hues.  Everything looks delish :)   But I am most excited to see the bok choy.  True story, one of Harper’s first words was bok choy.  I promise you.  Ask my mom.  A few months ago I was cooking up a meal for my friend who was pregnant with her first baby and on bed rest and I happened to be making bok choy.  I was telling my mom about it over Skype and all of a sudden Harper said, clear as day, “boy choy”.  I guess her palate isn’t the only thing that is developed :)  So I think I am going to have to make that dish again.  And I am excited to share it with you!

My second favorite this week has to be the arugula.  Arugula always reminds me of my brother.  Back when Quincy and I were living together before Freddie and I got married, he used to always make me a delicious chicken dish served over a bed of fresh arugula with homemade salad dressing.  I begged him to make it often.  He never seemed to mind since his favorite food is chicken (oh, and subway!).  I will do my best to re-create this dish in his honor :)  And will gladly use that lovely fresh garlic for my salad dressing.

I can’t wait to experiment with the blood oranges.  I remember getting them last year.  I packed them in Freddie’s lunch since he loves citrus, and he came home and told me I had packed him rotten oranges.  I laughed out loud.  He had never seen a blood orange before so he thought it was defected.  This time, I have a few recipes I have looked up that I am looking forward to trying out.  One of them even calls for butternut squash.  So I could potentially kill two birds with one stone.  I’ll let out know how it goes.

Don’t you just love when you learn something new?  I happened to be checking out Pinterest the other day, (ok, let’s be honest, I am ALWAYS checking out Pinterest…but I can’t help it…it inspires me!) and I came across this quick and easy way to peel and cut kiwis.  Stoked to try it out on these bad boys.  It is a great way to ensure you get the most meat.  Which makes me happy because I hate to waste even the smallest morsel.

Looks like I am stocked up on snack foods.  Yummy colorful carrots and mandarins for days.  I brought some of my mandarins with me to the park the other day when I met with my mommy group and a few of the babies were going to town on them.  Harper isn’t such a fan but she was happy to share her stash.

Freddie’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  I always keep a fresh batch of chopped onions in the fridge for his morning eggs.  So these white spring onions will be perfect in a yummy scramble.  I have also had my eyes on a yummy potato recipe that would be perfect to serve on the side.  Sounds like Freddie is in for a breakfast of champions this week! Oh…which reminds me, we’re out of eggs.  To the store I go!

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What’s in the Box? #9

Happy Wednesday!  This week sure is flying by.  And Harper and I have been busy busy (yes I meant to say busy twice…cause that’s how busy we have been).  In fact, we were so busy we almost didn’t make it home in time to take a picture of our box!  With minutes to spare, I was able to snap this before the sun went down… phew!

Is it just me or does this color scheme remind you of the 70s?  Kind of groovy, right?  I actually love how everything coordinates with those gorgeous kabocha squash.  They are going to make a delicious side for an asian inspired dinner.  In fact, one of the recipes calls for fresh orange zest, so the navel oranges will come in handy.

And look at all that green!  I love it :)  Let’s start with the watercress.  I have a killer soup recipe that I can’t wait to share.  Its simple, easy and delicious.  And it calls for potatoes, so those Yukon Golds have a home too.  I might have to get busy with the romaine lettuce and make it a soup n’ salad kind of meal.  Sounds like a yummy homemade lunch!

Next up, sugar snap peas.  I have recently enjoyed blanching them and then sautéing them with butter and lemon zest.  Amazing!  And the cabbage, well Freddie loves my chinese chicken salad.  It calls for shredded cabbage as opposed to lettuce and is a sure winner around here.  The mandarins will work perfectly as a topper too.  As long as I don’t make cabbage rolls again, Freddie will be happy.

Those shallots are plump!  As much as I love cooking with them (probably one of my all time favorite ingredients), they are deathly on the eyes.  I may be a wimp when it comes to slicing onions, but shallots are no joke!  I had to invest in a pair of onion goggles to protect myself.  Strong stuff!

Finally, what about the kiwis?  Freddie has been on a smoothie kick lately.  One of his favorite combinations is kiwi-strawberry, so its possible that he might snag these before I get a chance to.

Another week of yummy fresh fruits and veg.  Can’t wait to get cookin!

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