What’s in the Box? #6

Another Wednesday is upon us.  Only, until about 6:45 tonight I thought maybe it was still Tuesday.  Why?  Well, because I came and left the house a total of 4 times, and each time I returned I was met by an empty box (you leave your empty box from the week before and they swap it for the full box).  I finally called my delivery company to see if they had forgotten us.  But as soon I hung up the phone the delivery man came running up to the door with our box.  He asked my husband if we had called to complain…I guess I got him in trouble…sorry delivery man, but I have a blog to write!

It seems that this is not my week for pictures.  By the time my box finally arrived it was too dark to take a picture of my box outside so I was forced so snap a shot in my kitchen.  Oh natural light how I miss thee…

I opened the box to find a letter from the delivery team apologizing for some last-minute substitutions.  Due to the unusually cold weather, some of the local crops suffered and therefore there was a scramble to find produce to take its place.  This is when eating local means being flexible.

I couldn’t help but notice the holiday theme (unintentional I am sure).  The vibrant red and greens with a pop of white set off a slew of christmas songs in my head, starting with Jingle Bells (the holiday musical I took Harper to today may be to blame too…but either way…).

If I had to choose, strawberries would be my favorite fruit (but I try to be fair and not discriminate).  I love them on my french toast, in my yogurt, blended in my smoothie.  They never do me wrong.  This week however, I will have to feature my strawberries in a new way.  Paired with another fresh head of lettuce, my favorite salad recipe is calling my name.  I am looking forward to sharing it with you.

Red bell peppers were a nice surprise.  This was one of the last-minute substitutions.  Fine by me!  This cold weather has had me in the mood for some Chicken Chili, which I am sure Freddie would not be opposed to.  It’s a heart warmer.  And a delicious excuse for leftovers.

Funny that avocados showed up.  I just came across a rival guacamole recipe by Becoming Madame today that I am dying to try.  It claims to be the best guacamole ever.  And to be honest, it looks pretty darn yummy.  She even has a YouTube video that walks you through the steps…which had me salivating the entire time.  So, the challenge is on :)

A year ago I would be lost with a bunch of beets.  But now, I have so many ideas to choose from.  This time around, I am excited to introduce you to a sweet option for beets.  I will have to keep it under wraps until I reveal the recipe.  But I promise you it will be worth it.

As a kid, I was always intrigued by the white broccoli…known to us today as Cauliflower.  Keeping with the holiday theme, it still reminds me of snow-covered trees.  Cauliflower can get a bad wrap of being bland, but I like to see it as a blank canvas, just waiting to be jazzed up with some vibrant flavors and spices.  This Gratin of Cauliflower with Gruyère is a winner around our house.  I like to serve it alongside a nicely roasted pork loin or a grilled rib eye steak.  And, it calls for parsley, so my fresh bunch of curly parsley will come in very handy for this recipe.

Oh little mandarins…boy am I happy to have you back.  I found myself getting a bit bored with them week after week, but then when they didn’t come in the box last week I realized how much I missed them.  So much so that I am enjoying a few right now.  I couldn’t wait to get to peelin’.  Such a great little snack!  And while we are on the citrus train, there is nothing like a fresh grapefruit.  I love to eat them by themselves for breakfast, but then again, I have a variety of recipes from sweet to savory that might need a feature on the blog.  So many ideas, so little time!

For a moment there I almost thought my Wednesday was going to pass by without a box.  And this post would have had to be renamed “Where is the Box?”.  But I am glad it finally arrived safe and sound.  As the saying goes, better late than never, right?

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11 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? #6

  1. I’ll have to check out the guacamole recipe. I usually keep it simple: lemon juice, garlic, red onion.

    I can’t wait for the beets. Roasted maybe?

    • inherchucks says:

      Sounds like we have similar guacamole recipes…looking forward to seeing how this new one pans out.

      I am going to try and have the beet recipe ready for tomorrow or the end of the weekend…but I can tell you that they aren’t roasted…but I welcome any roasted beet recipes you might have to share :)

  2. Courtney says:

    I was just thinking about going downstairs and making guacamole before I read the blog, so it looks like I will add parsley and oregano this time and see what result I get!

    *The one thing she’s missing is tomato.

    • inherchucks says:

      So, how was it? I make a mean guacamole too…check it out on my recipes page…I am looking forward to trying this one to see how it compares…I am glad she didn’t add tomato…I don’t add tomato to mine either…not a big tomato fan…but then again I am sure you know that already :)

  3. Food coincidence! Just made Beet Brownies. Love the contents of the fruit and veg box, must look into my options here in Dublin. Your poor delivery guy, getting all stressed out!

    • inherchucks says:

      Beet Brownies…sounds AMAZING! Think I need to check those out immediately. I will be posting my sweet treat in a few days. Hopefully by the end of the weekend.

      Fruit and veg boxes are the best! Let me know what you find. My mom lives in Blackrock…small world :)

      I felt bad that I got him in trouble…but I was starting to get worried that there was not going to be a delivery…looks like I will have to get him a nice little holiday treat to make up for it!

      • There is are a few recipes I’ve seen like black beans in chocolate cake (really!), parsnips in muffins or cupcakes, and various other veggies in desserts which makes them tasty and healthy. I may have to dig some up for you when I get a chance.

      • inherchucks says:

        Sounds interesting…I would love to see some of those recipes whenever you get to it. I will try pretty much anything! Thanks for thinking of it :)

  4. I posted several recipes for you, but they aren’t here, Maybe check your spam folder?

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